For the Love of Writing


I love writing. It’s that simple. My love for writing has grown over the years and it’s the one relationship that right up there with my family and myself. There might be some loss from time to time but my love of creativity, inspiration, imagination out shines any drifting darkness that tries to roll in like an old behavior that whispers sweet past nothings in your ear.


What I really love about writing is the possibilities. I sit down and let the words take over, take shape on the blank page, all the emotions, the fears, the excitement, the joy, the dripping emotions of each word placed ever so neatly to say the right thing, the right way. I sometimes will write like a mad woman and go back and read and not even remember writing the words, but the words on the page make sense, they tell a story and that is creativity working through me and me stepping aside giving creativity full range. What a great dance creativity and I have.  It’s a dance that I want to continue for more than just life time.

Remember that art is process. The process is supposed to be fun. For our purposes, ‘the journey is always the only arrival’ may be interpreted to mean that our creative work is actually out creativity itself at play in the field of time. At the heart of this play is the mystery of joy. ~ Julia Cameron

There is a sense of just knowing or being in the zone when writing. There is this moment of calmness, there is no time and you are having fun. That is my joy of writing, what is yours?

Until next time, keep on typing….

romance typewriter



8 thoughts on “For the Love of Writing

  1. My joy of writing comes from knowing that I have crafted something, whether the canvas is a sheet of lined paper or a computer screen. There’s something about writing that exhilarates me. It’s hard to imagine my life without writing.

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