J is for Journey


At first I was not sure what to write about J. I thought maybe Justice or Junk, two completely different words, but they also related to our writing life, our journey. That’s it! Our journey as writers.

The journey of this writing life has brought me to where I am right now, sitting on this chair in Serious Coffee with a good friend, we are both writing, working on our craft, enjoying the journey.


The journey has also brought me to places that I’d never even think of, the Canadian Rockies, Maui, Taipei, Vancouver Island, and just recently Oregon. What great places to travel, to experience. Some journey’s have brought me to tears; of joy, of pain, emotions I never knew I had, emotions I want to bury, emotions I want to bottle up and sell because they feel so good.

The journey fills our imagination and what Julia Cameron calls Our Well:

The well is like an inner pond, one that must be kept both stocked and freely flowing. Writing is what we make from the broth of our experiences. If we lead a rich and varied life, we will have a rich and varied stock of ingredients from which to draw on. If we lead a life that is too narrow, too focused, too oriented towards our goals, we will fins our writing lacks flavor, is thin on the nutrients that make it both savory and sustaining. 


This is where ‘everything happens for a reason’ comes into play. Every moment, every opportunity that is presented to us, every decision we make is part of our journey. I choose to apply to a job at a major Hotel & Resort Chain in the Canadian Rockies and choose to accept the job that would take me halfway across the country from my familiar little bubble I was calling “life”. I was so and very grateful that I took the opportunity that was presented and has been providing me with a great story to tell.

Until next time, keep on typing….

pink roses


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