G is for Golf


I know what you’re thinking, how is golf like writing? Golf and writing are very similar in a few ways. I’ve always been attracted to golf. As a young girl my father and I would watch golf on TV when he was home from Sea. (He was in the Navy and away at Sea for months on end) My father even took my golfing and I got my first and only hole in one when I was twelve, what a feeling! Those moments of hanging out with my dad watching Arnold Palmer and Freddy Couples in the day fill my heart with joy. It was no doubt that my partner in life is a professional golfer.


Golfing takes time to master, much like writing you never really master the game, you practice your craft daily, hours on end and still might get the little white ball into the hole at par or under par. I might write for an hour and end up with meaningless gibberish, but maybe in a few days parts of what I’ve written shows itself for another project. I watch my partner practice on the driving range and one swing is never the same. He can have five straight drives and then the next swing could veer off left into the rough with no warning, golf is 10% physical, and 90% between the ears. Writing is very much the same. It takes nothing for me to sit for hours to type away on the keyboard or handwrite, but when it comes to actually diving deep into what needs to be done, that’s the hard part. It’s hard to dive deep within myself to find that one shining memory that is going to connect the dots to the bigger picture of what I am trying to share. But I keep at it, like my partner, he’s out on the course working on not only the drive, but the pitches, the puts, the bunker shots, the things that you don’t expect, you can train your body, but when your ball lands in the sand and you can’t get it out the self doubter shows up and natters away, ‘you can’t do this, you’re not Rory M, or Tiger Woods, who do you think you are, pick up the ball and walk away.’ I know this, because when I golf and have a bad hole, this is what my evil little monster says. When I’m writing and I can’t get past a certain section the same little monster shows up. It’s how I deal with the self-doubter that kicks that 90% mental aspect in the ass.

In my morning pages, this little mantra of my own shows up: ‘Just keep writing, it’s the key.’ The key to unlocking my true magic, the creativity.

Until next time, keep on typing….



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