C is for Connection


We are all connected, it’s very simple yet so grand in one breath. When we write, we are connected by the words we put on the page, that are read, felt, and the words that are left behind.

Recently I have shared my manuscript with a few people, people who are mentioned in the memoir, they are also very important people to me, I trust them. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to share my manuscript but I’ve been saying that I only want to share the talent that I’ve been given, so what way to do this, well share it my friends. They say writing is hard, and it is hard. Writing a memoir is even harder, it’s like punching yourself in the face voluntarily (I’m paraphrasing Mary Karr, I love her memoirs!).

Writing a memoir connects the dots for me. Connecting each stage of my life that I’ve written about shows me the bigger picture. The bigger picture being that nothing really matters except for this moment, right here and now. Julia Cameron shared in her Write to Right:

Writing tells us that we are not powerless. Writing tells us that we have choices. Writing tells us what those choices are. Writing tells us when we are skirking responsibility. Writing tells us when we are overburdened. 

Writing does all this for me, for all of us. Writing connects the dots for us, so keep on connecting and typing away.

Until next time, keep on typing….

write yourself here typewriter

3 thoughts on “C is for Connection

  1. Your words connected with me! Now if I can just get past technology difficulties. Love the old typewriters, love typing on any keyboard…Love the flow and passion of words. Yes…they are revealing! They are beautiful!

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