On the road


We are on vacation, on a road trip, driving along the Oregon Coast. It’s day five and I’m finally settling into the notion that I am not working. I am in the car driving along the ocean, its majestic and mysterious all at the same time. The ocean reminds me of the totality of life, we are all one. I am right here on the page.


I love road trips, I love being in the car anticipating the destination. I love chattering away with my partner about whatever we are discussing, we always find out a little more about one another, our selves, even after fourteen years. I love that! I love the moments of silence, when either I have fallen asleep for a cat nap and I feel my partner’s hand gently squeeze my leg, this is for me to wake up and see what he is seeing. I love that he knows me, I love these little moments of pure awareness.


There are also a-ha moments for me and the creativity. Staring out the window at the Ocean rings my imagination awake and the creativity is jumping up and down like a little girl or boy wanting to share something so bad they are vibrating. Don’t you love those moments? So innocent and pure.


We were on the Coho ferry at the beginning of our trip to Port Angeles. As I walked around the ferry I noticed a small area where one person was standing and it was a great hiding spot from their children who were playing hide-and-go-seek. It triggered my imagination about a story that I’ve been working on from time to time and I was wondering about the ending. In one brief moment, on this walk around the ferry, the ending showed up, right there and then. I stood still and shook my head in agreement with the idea. I found myself smiling and went back to our seats and wrote down the idea. A day later I wrote the ending of the story and I was filled with joy. Thank you creativity.  Thank you for the moments to be shown the way.

table rock

I am committed to my writing life and I snatch moments of time to get to the page. On a road trip I have my note books for the car ride to jot down any ideas that show up. I have my laptop to sit down at this table that faces the ocean to come to the page for a period of time. I’m sure I’ll finish this post and then head out to walk along the ocean. I’m here and going to take full advantage of the beautiful surroundings. There are many stories down along the water’s edge, I’m going to explore, pay attention and tell the story.

Until next time, keep on typing….

ocean writing


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