A Shift


Something is changing or maybe shifting with my writing, in a good way. Since I’ve been working more diligently and focused on my craft, I’ve been more aware of my voice, the voice that I write with. Sometimes this comes easily to some people and sometimes it takes some time to figure it out, and that’s okay. Even though I knew I wanted to be a writer and I loved telling stories, I needed time to practice, to learn, to be.


Though everybody is talented and original, often it does not break through for a long time. People are too scared, too self-conscious, too proud, too shy. They have been taught too many things about construction, plot, unit, mass and coherence….Another trouble with writers in the first twenty years, is an anxiety to be effective, to impress people. They write pretentiously. It is so hard not to do this. ~ Brenda Ueland


I was also too shy, too scared, too proud, too self-conscious. I was keeping my writing at an arm’s length and the scary thing was, I was aware of this. Yes, I’ve written a few no-hold-bars stories and have shared them, been published, so I know that I am able to use my voice, there tends to be a blip with my ego from time to time that I know has to be attended too, where the fear, self-conscious, pride and shyness stems from. The closet door that is shut, locked and the key is thrown away. Only I know where the rusty old key lives.


This is what I learned: that everybody is talented, originals and has something important to say. And it may comfort you to know that the only people you might suspect of not having talent are those who write very easily and glibly, and without inhibition or pain, skipping gaily through a novel in a week or so….Everybody is talented because everybody who is human has something to express. Try not expressing anything for twenty-four hours and see what happens. You will nearly burst. You will want to write a long letter or draw a picture or sing, or make a dress or a garden. ~Brenda Ueland


Everybody is talented, that is true. Do you know you’re talented? When did you know you were talented? I’ve shared this before, I was six or seven when I was aware that I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to write movies like Annie and sing with Carol Brunette! My over active imagination was turned on and I wanted to play. Now through the years, through many experiences and opportunities I know I am creative and I open my arms to the possibilities!


All of us are endowed with spirit – which means that all of us are naturally creative. Yet, you’ve heard people say, with frustration or despair, sometimes with perverse pride, or in other cases false modesty, “Oh, I’m not creative.” That’s like proclaiming “Oh, I’m really not human – I may look human, but it’s just a costume.” ~ Dan Wakefield


My work in progresses are growing, I have lists of ideas, half conversations, scenes, sentences and plots scribbled on post-its, note paper, and even napkins. Whatever is available I will write on. Just the other day I was sitting in my car by the ocean on a rainy morning with a coffee and I had this idea and I pulled out a small notes book and pencil and 652 words later I was now involved with a new idea. I love when the creativity strikes and is ready to reveal the idea. This is magic to me.

Until next time, keep on typing….



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