One day at a time

one day

One day at a time, it’s good advice from whom ever first said this, sometimes for me it’s one moment at a time, one minute at a time. Every day I get up and the first thing I do is write morning pages and that starts my day, it wakes me up, it wakes up my creativity, or creativity is waking me up. I think it’s creativity waking me up. Then once I complete my morning pages I have this urge to continue to write, yet I close the journal and get ready for the gym, then work and the creativity slowly sizzles out for the rest of the day until I get back to the page, until now, this moment. Moment by moment. Why do I chose this routine? Why wouldn’t I just keep on writing? Good question.


If we can create stories, pictures and songs; transform raw food into gourmet meals, steel and cement into soaring buildings, why can’t we use our creative powers to enhance our own daily lives? If we can learn through exercises and conscious use of our senses to gain access to our creativity for making books, paintings, and buildings, why can’t we call upon this spirit within us to enhance our moment-by-moment experiences order to live them more fully – more creatively? ~ Dan Wakefield


Another good question. I could sit here and type the words of excuse of how I work more than a 80 hr work week, I am a department head who wears more than one hat at work, and I love my job, I get paid to people watch for the most part, but it pays for the roof over our heads, food on our tables and taking time for vacations and being together. I am provided with what is is needed to maintain this creativity life, I’ve asked for this,I’ve asked to be provided to maintain this creativity life, I know deep down that creativity has and is providing me with what is needed. My job has a purpose, every moment has a purpose, I’m writing about it, I’m sharing, that’s part of the process and the purpose.  So, the question I ask myself, wouldn’t I want to write full-time so that creativity can continue to provide? I know I lack the commitment to finish, to share the finished work, yet here I am and I’ve hit submit to share to this blog in the big black hole called the internet….so what gives?


Here’s a way to test a philosophic principle. Vivekananda says, “When I change, you change.” The simple-sounding phrase has the deepest and most far-reaching implications. It means you don’t have to wait for the troublesome people in your life to mend their ways, or get out of their rut, or alter their attitude toward you. Change yourself, and they can not remain unaffected by it. ~ Dan Wakefield


If I change, my ego, the old behavior will change. I’ve been working on dissolving the ego for quite some time (let’s say 8 years now) and ever day I get better. The creativity takes over more and more and this is what it wants, it’s what I want, what is meant to be. As I create and listen, I am being led.

Do you feel that creativity is taking over? Are you letting creativity run through your veins as it should? Let it grab a hold of you and shine!

Until next time, keep on typing….



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