Make Magic


One of my morning affirmations is that I am very grateful for being alive, to accept today’s gifts, to learn, to share, to be….for me this is my truth. I am here to create, we are all here to create and I love to share experiences about writing, how I crave to write, how I feel the creativity simply take over and bam! There are words on a page that tell a story. Isn’t that just amazing? I know it sounds trivial and maybe simplistic to you, but not a lot of people can sit down and write what ideas are popping into their minds, being planted by their muse but creativity itself. I’m not saying you have to be spiritual in any way to write, but there is magic in creativity and you have to believe in the magic, you just need to believe in creativity.


Another affirmation I live by is ‘as I create and listen, I am being led and one year I was working on my memoir and listening to almost everything that was going on around me. I was also led, led to books that helped me create and listen more. As I shared before I am obsessed with books and books on writing and personal growth, spiritual growth, they kinda go hand in hand. Another book that has seen one or two highlighters and tabs is Dan Wakefields ‘Creating from the spirit – a path to creative power in art and life doesn’t that just sound so inviting – a path to creative power in art and life – who wouldn’t be interested?

Not only are we all created, we all create. We create our lives, and then create stories to explain them, make art and music and drama to make sense of our experience and our world. In our creating, we ask questions, pose answers, and celebrate our humanity. ~ Dake Wakefield


From a young age I always felt this deep sense of wanting to make sense of my experiences, my family, my life. I see things like a play and think of myself as a character in this life that I am living. Does that make sense? To me it does, maybe you feel the same way too? I’ll be honest, I find clarity in my writing when I have big mug of great green tea or coffee, while I am wearing one of my favorite sweaters, my bone-printed tights and favorite black corduroy skirt. Then there are times when I have two to three drinks in, but sometimes when I have a glass of good wine or enjoying a good martini with friends or my husband, talking, being in the moment, I also have clarity and ideas pop into my mind, maybe my characters like a dirty martini or maybe they enjoy a cold beer on a hot day after a long day of work or on the beach while they are on vacation – the skies the limit!


Clarity of mind, body, and spirit is the key to creativity, to finding and producing the art in our work and our lives. No matter how deeply we may have sunk to some numbing addiction that stifles the creative spirit – whether drugs, alcohol, overindulgence in food, sleep, television, or simply depression and malaise – there is always a road to recovery of our natural clarity. ~ Dan Wakefield

As I create and listen, I am being led. I must have written this affirmation hundreds of times and will continue to write this affirmation, because I  believe it, I believe that I am being led as I create and listen.

Until next time, keep on typing….



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