Drive away


My life is changing, it’s always changing, it’s like a river, flowing down the stream towards the lake or ocean to expand to the totality of life. I am open to the changes in life and move along like the river. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the creativity, it stays with me no matter way, right here and now. I have the drive to write.


I have a drive to write ad I do drive to write. I am very aware that the art of writing devours images and that if I am going to write deeply, frequently, and well, I must keep my inner pond of images very well stocked. When I want to restock my images, I get behind the wheel of my car. ~ Julia Cameron, Right to Write


I love to drive, I love to get behind the wheel of our red VW rabbit and drive along the ocean, back roads of rural Victoria, and farm roads and just soak in the moment. Creativity loves to drive as well. Creativity loves the thrill of weaving along the highway enjoying the scenery and just letting things be as they are; the characters of a story might pipe up to say something, something about the drive may trigger an idea, a spark, something that cries out ‘this is it, write it down!’


Driving kicks over my writing engine. Driving lets me write full throttle. Driving drives me to the page….Artists, artists of all stripes, devour images in order to produce. Driving, with its constant inflow of images, catalyzes active creative thought. ~ Julia Cameron, Right to Write


I use to live in the Canadian Rocky Mountains and I would go for drives along the mountains, from Lake Louise to Golden, BC, the twists and turns of the mountain helped me move alone the highway, and at midnight during a full moon many ideas became very clear to m. Sometimes I would get bored with going the pub night after night (living on top of a mountain will do that to you), and I would get in my little red neon (red cars seem to be my theme), and hit the highway. I loved following the moon be it full, new, half-moon, it didn’t matter, I loved driving. There is something very magical about a pitch dark evening with sparks of stars leading the way, that was heaven, to me. I was in the moment.


Writing, for me, is a Zen pursuit. I focus on the page by focusing on life. I focus on life by focusing on the ribbon of road unspooling gift by gift before my eyes. ~ Julia Cameron

I get it, we are all on a pursuit of something, and my focus is on the creativity, maybe a little more of the creativity pursuing me and that is okay. I want to be pursued, to be shown the way and writing is the key, the key to unlock the mysterious of creativity.

Until next time, keep on typing….


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