A hush


Ideas. Ideas are everywhere, I mean everywhere. They show up anywhere at anytime and you have to be ready to catch them, write them down, put them into action. Sometimes they are a brief conversation, almost like a hush, a whisper into the air that happens to make it’s way to your ears into your mind, body and spirit.

I am toying with a title for a short story that I’ve been working on. I’ve already changed one of the characters names that suited him better. Then I changed the title but I’m still not keen on it, so I let it go, but just recently I asked myself what I needed to do to make this story jump out and grab you by the collar or at least have a catchy title to even consider reading it? Then last night while I was in bed reading the last of Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert.


I turned my attention away from passion and toward curiosity. I asked myself, ‘Is there anything you’re interested in right now, Liz? Anything? Even a tiny bit? No matter how mundane or small?’ It turned out there was: gardening….Now I wanted to plant a garden in the backyard….I didn’t desperately want a garden, understand. I wasn’t prepared to die for a garden, or anything. I just thought a garden would be nice. Curious. The whim was small enough that I could have ignored it. It barely had a pulse. But I didn’t ignore it. Instead, I followed that small clue of curiosity and I plant some things…. ~Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth then goes on a three-year journey of research about gardens and people who garden. She then writes ‘The Signature of All Things’ from the idea of having a garden. It was a hidden treasure talking quietly and Elizabeth was able to take the time to listen.


I said yes to every single tiny clue of curiosity that I had noticed around me.  That’s Big Magic, too, you see. It’s Big Magic on a quieter scale, and on a slower scale, but make no mistake about it – it’s still Big Magic. You just have to learn how to trust it. It’s all about the yes. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert

thank you

I said yes to one small idea and now it has a life, a life with over thirty thousand words, but yet no title that fits the story, until now. I was at work and talking to our executive chef and we started to talk about some hotel business, then I shared how nice it was to see his wife again. I know they have had some concerns recently about their relationship and that’s all I can really say about that, but he said something and it was like a little bell going off in my head, ding,ding,ding, that’s it, that’s the title. I said ‘oh, that’s good, can I use that for a title the short story I’m working on?” He agreed “All yours!”

All I know is inspiration was standing right there with us during that conversation and bam! Part of the idea was completed, what a great moment. Thank you inspiration.

Until next time, keep on typing….



One thought on “A hush

  1. It’s fascinating how inspiration strikes is when we deliberately listen for it. It’s different when we’re waiting for inspiration to strike. Waiting implies we’re not doing anything until something comes. That’s no way to be inspired. I feel being active allows inspiration to come to us. When we’re writing that story, or engaging in conversation with others or ourselves, we open the door for inspiration to enter our being. And the results can be astounding.

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