Random Morning Thoughts


It’s my Monday and I honestly don’t feel like going to my hotel life, the career I choose because it’s always been a fun challenge for me, it’ been a constant flow of change, good and bad, but I’m good at what I do, I love being part of the guest experience and more importantly the employee experience. Lately I’ve been sitting on the fence with my feelings about my job. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so very grateful for the amazing opportunities that have been provided to maintain this creative life and the hotel life is great for a writer, so many interesting people and situations are right in front of me. The things I hear and witness, I can’t make up. Human nature is amazing. Sociologists could sit in the lobby of a hotel and witness all sorts of interactions.


So, why am I hesitate lately? Without getting into the emotional story, it’s comes down to me, it comes down to the fact that I know I should be writing and yes, you can still work and write, Elizabeth Gilbert kept her two jobs, even when Eat, Pray, Love was becoming worldwide successful. That just puts things in perspective for me. Like I shared before and will share to the universe over and over, I am very grateful for what I have and what is being provided to maintain this life I lead, for the creative life that I live. Because inspiration is always with me no matter what.


…inspiration is still sitting there right beside me, and it is trying. Inspiration is trying to send me messages in every form it can – through dreams, through portents, through clues, through coincidences, through deja vu….through stubborn ideas that keep me awake all night long. . . whatever works.  Inspiration is always trying to work with me. So I sit there and I work, too. That’s the deal. I trust it; it trusts me. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert


I trust creativity. I certainly do. It’s me that I don’t trust at times. I might say I will sit down and write and let the words flow out of me, but then the ego gets easily distracted, oh I could just watch this movie and then get back to the page, oh I could just bake the muffins, do the laundry, cook dinner….then I end up regretting the moment I left the building and the ego took hostage. But, I know inspiration will hang on, it won’t turn it’s back on me, it will always be there and will always be working with me, always. Thank goodness.

So I go to work and embrace the day, I have a talk with inspiration and say I have to go to work but I’m available, please don’t go away, I am here for you. My relationship with inspiration, with creativity is my most precious gift and I want to take care of it, as it takes care of me.

Until next time, keep on typing….


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