Another kind of challenge


To maintain my intention of writing every day and to keep my goal of writing 750 words a day, I joined a writing challenge. There are different levels of word counts and I know I might not hit the 1000-1500 words a day, but on my days off I tend to hit up to 2500.I am the only one who can follow through on this commitment and I am determined to do so. I even suggested to you and myself that if I am to write a post every day, I will. I wish to give my creativeness all the love and support it gives to me – I am grateful for such a talent and here I am on the page typing away.


Recently I shared that I was experiencing some difficult times with a friendship and I had to look at the whole picture of what was going on. I don’t need to get into the details, but know that I felt pain knowing that I was not able to change the situation. When I was younger I would have these panic attacks if a friend of mine and I were fighting and I to fix it right away or my whole world would be upside down until it was back to normal. What I didn’t realize at the time that sometimes things can’t be fixed, situations have to happen to learn and to grow from. What I didn’t know was that sometimes you have to go through what is labeled as ‘difficult times’ to see what really matters. My second-cousin is twelve and has been learning this already, that sometimes friends fight and sometimes friendships don’t last. Sometimes you learn from situations and move on. My twelve-year-old cousin is very wise for his age, he knows that sometimes when people are different and are growing in different directions that sometimes it’s okay to walk away. I just turned 42 and I learned this very thing once again. This is what I wrote to him:


 A wise person once told me ‘sometimes you have to let go of someone to grow’ – it was hard to hear at the time, and over the years, I’ve learned many times over that my intuition was right about friendships that only turned out to be something else in disguise. It’s okay to admit when two people are different and you have to go your separate ways, another wise person asked ‘who wants to suffer?’ – I don’t think that’s something we want to raise our hand up to. I’m so very proud of you to speak your mind and share with us – keep on writing


Writing is our friend, writing lets us be honest, all over the page, every emotion, tears, sweat, spit and everything in between – writing is my friend who hold my hand through all of the shit that I, the ego “thinks” it’s going through, but really I can’t control anyone but myself. I can choose to react one way and as the people I called friends shared their feelings and what I felt like, pointing fingers at me for how they felt was going on, the one thing that kept me right here and now, writing. I vented, ranted, bitched and moaned, but it all came down to the question, “who wants to suffer?” why in the hell would I want to continue to keep “thinking”, and “over think” this one thing over and over again, when I know the answer, when I know the truth, when I know what has to be done, just needs to be done. So write it down, spell it out and then come back to it at a later time and see how I fell. Right now, I haven’t gone back to look what I’ve over-analyzed for the last time because I know it’s time to let go and grow.


Writing truly is a great friend, it’s like ‘let go and let god’ – for me it’s ‘let go and write’. Simple but true.

My challenge is to write every day and here I am. When I write I share and when we share we learn a little more about ourselves. What am I learning now? That I must listen to my intuition and just keep on writing.

Until next time, keep on typing….



One thought on “Another kind of challenge

  1. I loved this post. It reminds me that writing, like anyone else, takes time and patience. Sometimes, you have to know when to step away. I didn’t learn that until recently. Before, when I ‘stepped away’ from my writing, the breaks lasted for months. When I got back, I felt lost; like I didn’t know what I should write next. Not so much now. Sometimes, I still get stuck on what I should write next. But then, I remember that I can come to my journal and spill my emotions out on paper.

    Writing is a part of me. It took me this long to realize that. It’s what I love to do. And I hope to write for as long as I can.

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