The Great No Chocolate Challenge


For over 500 days I haven’t had any chocolate, and when I say chocolate I mean all of it, chocolate bars of any kind, hot chocolate, chocolate mints, chocolate ice-cream, chocolate milk, chocolate covered strawberries or any kind of fruit covered in chocolate, any thing chocolate. Now, I don’t even crave chocolate, or even want it. I can look at a box of chocolates that was given to the front desk as a thank-you and walk away from it not once regretting my choice. Okay, a few times I regretted not indulging in eating a whole Laura Secord bar, but I felt better for not carelessly or mindlessly eating chocolate for the sake of eating chocolate. I was and I am very aware of my choices.


Then over the Christmas holiday’s, I let myself have some delicious chocolate. I made my mother’s ‘seven layer squares’ which most people know as sex in the pan, the recipe is simple: First layer, a 1/4 cup of butter melted in a glass baking dish(9×11 dish), a later of graham wafer crumbs, let them soak into the butter and then press gently, then a later of coconut (I use organic) and a hand full of oats spread onto of the coconut, gently press down then a later of chocolate, but not any kind of chocolate, if I was going to even consider eating one of these squares I was going to put in the good stuff. No, name brand chocolate chips, I went for the gold and used Bernard Callebaut dark chocolate squares (broken into chunks), then a hand full of walnuts and press gently again. Done. Put in the over at 350’C for about 20 minutes and there you have a very divine and heavenly treat.


Having chocolate after for so long is like having candy for the very first time. It was like my tongue was dancing and celebrating a wonderful taste. I savored the taste of the square and the chocolate and not gobbling it down like some chocolate addict that I once was. I learned how to respect and enjoy chocolate, I was practicing mindfulness and I felt very calm and peaceful while enjoying the hell out of having chocolate.

day 1

Now that the holiday’s are over I will go back to not having any chocolate or candy. I thought if I could kick the chocolate habit I surely can kick the candy to the curb as well. My heart and hips will thank me for it after those last 5-10 pounds of junk food no longer rule my eating decisions. Not that they did before, just if I felt like I was hungry in the middle of the afternoon, my go to is a handful of cherry nibs or gummy bears, now it’s carrot sticks and herbal tea. I’ll be honest, if I crave some chocolate I will have a little, just a little to curb the craving and say ‘okay, this is a treat and now you can move forward.’ I am practicing mindfulness and for that I am grateful.

Do you have a vice? How do you let it go? What things have you done to walk away from that sweet treat, or whatever it is you are trying to walk away from that seems to not serve a purpose in your life any longer? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, keep on typing…..



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