Christmas Countdown


Two days to Christmas. How are you doing? Have you finished your shopping for the holidays? Are you going away or staying home for Christmas? What is your favorite thing about Christmas? Favorite Christmas movie, show, food?

My Top 5 Christmas Movies

  • Scrooge, 1951   Alastair Sim – A classic for me. I love to cuddle up in a big blanket, a cup of tea and let the movie take over.
  • A Christmas Story – I love Raplhie and his little brother Randy.
  • National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – Who doesn’t love Clark?
  • Sleepless in Settle – Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, need I say more?
  • Love Actually – Just a great feel good movie – I would love to work on a book in a cabin by a lake, the romance of it all makes me giddy.


There are so many things I love about the Christmas holiday’s and I could go on and on about the little things like how on Christmas morning, my parents and I would huddle in their bed opening our Christmas stockings. I was so excited to see what Santa brought. The stockings were a distraction for me so my parents could wake up, make coffee and prepare breakfast. The same Christmas breakfast for almost nineteen years while I lived at home, bacon, eggs and toast. Now, my partner and I wake up and make coffee, open our gifts, call our parents  while we make pancakes or french toast with bacon or sausage. We have been creating our own traditions for over ten years now. Some Christmas mornings I might have to work or my partner will go golfing, it really all depends on what where we work or how we want to celebrate our holidays. I really love the flow of our on going holiday traditions.


Another reason why I enjoy Christmas: As you know I work at a hotel and have worked at different resorts and hotels for over twenty years now. My heart-strings get plucked at with great joy as guests check-in to stay at the hotel/resort for the Christmas holidays. What a treat it is to share the pure joy of the holiday’s with people from all over the world!

I am finished my Christmas shopping and it’s time to get some writing done. My characters are calling out to me. They want to share a possible Christmas event. I love the creative process!

Until next time…. keep on typing!

chirstmas type




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