As you have guessed, I’m a big fan and believer in morning pages. I can’t seem to say enough about how morning pages have changed my life, saved my life, moved me forward and keep me on my toes. There is no hiding in morning pages, I let it all out on the three pages that start my day. The first thing I do when I wake up (after I get my mug of hot water and lemon) is sit in my writing room and put a pen to a blank page and just write.  Lately, my pages are filled with frustrations of something I’ve been working on for my self-care and I seem to be struggling. It frustrates me to no end that I can’t move forward with one commitment and I know I am the only person who can make the changes. I write my truth in my morning pages and writing is so much more than putting words on a page.


Writing is a friend whose shoulder we can cry on. Writing is a confidant who listens and lets us sort things out. Writing is a comrade, marching with us through the steep days of sorrow and despair. Writing is our weather and also how we change our weather. Writing is our landscape and how we view the landscape that we have. ~ Julia Cameron


What more can we say what writing is? What does writing mean to you? Don’t you just love that image of writing being your friend, having someone sitting with you, cheering you on, like a rowing coach calling out ‘stroke’, writing calls out ‘write,write, write’. Writing is my voice.


There is no better way to open a writing voice than to write regularly, repetitively, and from the gut. I write Morning Pages every day. They are like doing scales. They take me up and down my emotions, up and down my life circumstances, up and down my cations and reactions – and they take about twenty minutes. ~ Julia Cameron


This is so very true, I am up and down on the page. I can be right to the point, or I will dance around the subject for two pages and finally I give in knowing I can’t hide and knowing I will feel relief if I name the frustration, put it down on the page and let it go, so simple, but so scary all at the same time. I tend to the same here, I write around the very thing I want to share and if I only say what I mean then it would be a lot easier to get to the point. There is no need to skip around the subject, sure we might be afraid of what the reaction maybe, but in the long run it will feel a lot better than hiding in the corner you feel so ever comfortable sitting in, but what to get out of at the same time. Life can be a bit of a double edge sword and writing helps with each side, be it smooth and slick or a jagged edge ripping away at your very soul. Writing will get you past the frustrations and fears. Writing will fill you joy once you get going.


Writing from the body – dropping down into the well of your experience and sounding how you feel – ultimately yields a body of work. We say that a voice is full-bodied without realizing that this is a literal phrase: when we write from our gut rather than from our head we acquire the same resonance that a singer does when the breath comes from the diaphragm rather than the high up in the chest…Writing ca be done the same way. It can be done by listening to how we feel rather than thinking about how we feel.  ~ Julia Cameron

As I write morning pages, I have learned how to listening to how I feel, some days are better than others with this practice and that’s exactly what writing is, practice. The more we write and read we are fine tuning are craft and our whole being. Writing is my true friend.

Until next time, keep on typing….




4 thoughts on “Voice

  1. I think Morning Pages would help get into a routine. I don’t know what I would spend three pages on, though. But I’m guessing that’s the point. It doesn’t have to be on anything in particular.


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