Lately, I’ve been in the zone with writing, the creativity pumps through my veins and I am aware of the creativity whispering to me more often, and maybe it’s always been nudging me with ideas and possibilities, and now I’m actively listening, I must listen to fulfill my end of he bargain. I must continue to write. I must listen to what I need to do to continue to write clearly. I am taking the steps to live a more clean and clear lifestyle. In the past few days I’ve been drawn back to a book that was shared with me years ago. I started to read it then, but I wasn’t really ready to dive deep into the text. I’ve picked up these book from time to time thinking, feeling it was time to take a closer look at what Dan Wakefield was sharing. Creating from Spirit – A path to creative power in art and life, is another great writing reference book I have on my book shelves, it actually is next to my bed most nights and on my desk when I need a quick jolt of inspiration.



I would like to share some quotes/pages from Mr. Wakefield’s book and see if any of the notions resonate with you. I love to hear from you all, a sharing in you is a sharing in me.

I’ll start with Chapter 6: Evoking the spirit: The power of clarity.                                      A barrage of distracting and deadening forces from both outside and inside constantly assaults us, in a way that disturbs and even destroys our clarity of mind, body, and soul: the abuse of alcohol or drugs; food….sex, and television. We use these things to numb our senses – and our sense itself.                                                        Don’t worry; I’m not advocating that you give up all these things and become a saint. I wouldn’t know how to tel you to do it, or want to do it myself, even I could! What I want is to provide some clues for taping into your creativity by first clearing yourself of the accumulated debris of substances and practices that clutter and deaden the mind and the senses. 


I find myself noticing that if I do drink alcohol it now instantly numbs my senses. When I was younger I didn’t feel this sensation as easily. Hanging out with friends and having a few drinks was part of the whole social experiment. Now, I get distracted with the way the alcohol makes my body feel, just like when I would eat too much chocolate, I felt my body become lazy which makes my senses laxadaisy and all of a sudden I’ve lost all motivation to do any writing or very much of anything. I witness my thoughts go into guilt mode ‘look at you wasting time drinking and watching TV, you could be writing….” This is more my inner child/cheerleader who is fighting for clarity, and it’s the ego that is leaning towards wasting time because it’s afraid to do anything different. The ego is fearful of success, the success of finishing a book, a script and poem to be shared. The ego thinks too much about the future and unhealthy habits feed that fear and shut down the true self. I’m speaking about myself, we are all different, but for me this is true.


Dan continues: To me, the most powerful key to accessing creativity is clarity. Clarity is the compass that orients you, the lens that focuses, the “sword in the stone.”


How do we get clarity? What are the steps? That’s up to us. Everyone is different, but I know when I am clear, when my body, mind and spirit is clear of the clutter of toxins I’m much more productive. When I put toxins such as junk food or alcohol into my body my spirit becomes dull, Dan shares spirits kills spirit. And like Dan said, I’m not suggesting to give up anything, and I enjoy a glass of really great wine with dinner or a cold beer on a hot day; but for me I know I’m at my best when I’m living clear and clean. Again the question is how do we gain this clarity?


Meditation is a great tool, finding your own sacred place, be it a park bench or the park itself, or does sitting by the ocean bring you a sense of clarity? What works for you might not work for me and that’s okay. I meditate and some people can’t even think how to sit still for five minutes at one sitting. I relish in the moments of stillness tat I take for myself, my soul, my spirit. So, how do you gain clarity? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, keep on typing….



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