I haven’t given myself much time to do a lot of writing this week and I only have myself to be accountable, (trying not to use the blame word). I could list a bunch of things I “think” make a good blame list of why I haven’t written, but what’s the point when you know they are just excuses that the ego comes up with and you’re on auto pilot going through the motions to get to the next day. I am grateful to be aware.


Last week was filled with serendipitous events and I was uplifted with joy and the intentions I set were happening as they should be. Then I slipped and didn’t really do much writing on my scheduled day of writing and I fell into a funk, I was fully aware of this, I am fully aware of this, it’s still going on. The funk that is. But now I push myself to get on with it, the writing, my passion. You have to be your own cheerleader at times.


The good things that happened, the little a-ha moments that I wasn’t looking for but when they happened I knew I was paying attention to the events that I put out into the universe and now I was being given what I asked for and I was accepting them.


I was thinking about the playwright class I was in a year an a half a go and wondering when the cabaret would be, I felt like it would be happening soon. A day later I get an email from the playwright instructor inviting me to the playwright cabaret. I said I’d hope to be there. Then my editor was in town for his book launch, I was able to switch my shift to attend the reading. I am grateful for where I work and the flexibility my coworkers have.                                                                           When I arrived I noticed a man who was in the playwright class that I was in. I said hello and asked him how he knew my editor. “I’m his publisher.” I did a double take and laughed out loud. This was something I had been thinking about, finding a local publisher to work with. Then as I talked to my editor for a bit before his reading, he asked if I spoke with his publisher and I told him how we knew one another. He asked if I told his publisher about my book. I said I started to give him a little information, but I know how busy he was as the organizer of the book launch.


After the reading I did talk to the publisher again and said I wouldn’t mind talking to him about my book and seemed to be interested. I was and am so grateful for the serendipitous moments that line everything up as they should be. Thank you! Just like the saying goes, let go and let God, for me it’s more like I am letting go and letting creativity. I am so ready to fulfill my passions, to write and to share, to be.


What serendipitous events have you recently experienced? Did you ask for something and it came your way? I’d love to hear from you as we are not alone on this creativity journey.

Until next time, keep on typing….



2 thoughts on “Accountable

  1. I haven’t had moments like what you experienced. I feel like you have to go after what you want to happen. And maybe a by-product of that pursuit is that something unexpectedly happens. I should stop trying to make things work and have faith. But so much is left to chance. I feel like I have to go after it, or it will never happen.

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