I seem to be having some vivid dreams about certain stories, stories that are calling out to be shared. My muse is talking to me and I am listening. I know what stories I want to share and so does the muse, so I have to pay attention to both of us. Deep down I know what is true. Deep down I know I have to share. Do you have a muse who whispers gently or calls out loudly from time to time? I know my muse has more of a voice these days and that’s good, I need to pay attention. Do you wake up from dreams with a new idea? What do you do about those moments of inspiration?


As artists, we do well to practice consistency. Our mad dashes of inspiration leave us frustrated and at our wits’ end. There is much to be said for a slower and more leisurely pursuit of ideas. There is so much talk of creative “breakthroughs” that many of us expect our creativity to be dramatic. This is seldom the case. Very occasionally, we will have a flash of insight or intuition but more often we will experience a slow and steady course. Our creativity resembles sunlight more than lighting. Even in dark time, this is true.


I had a dream of a version of myself talking to another version of a friend who I consider a true kindred spirit. I know I had this sense within the dream of sharing our story. That led me to think of our friendship and how they impacted my life, I learned so much about myself through our friendship and I continue to learn and for that I am grateful for. This story idea has been a slow lingering idea, weaving itself in and out of my life for most of my life, each time I get a little closer I know it’s time to start putting words on the page. This latest dream was a little more detailed and a little roe closer to the story that is to be shared. I believe everything happens for a reason.


When artists are working regularly, they are spiritually centered. The act of making art is a spiritual act and our daily exposure to this realm does have an impact on our personality. It does not matter what language we use to describe it. Art puts us in touch with a power greater than ourselves. This conscious contact brings us a sense of optimism and grace. As we sense that there is a benevolent Something inclined toward helping us and our work, we begin to feel a sense of companionship. Higher forces are at our side. We are not alone. ~ Julia Cameron.


We are not alone. We have our higher self looking out for us, our guardian angels, whatever you want to label the feeling, it’s there and it’s not going anywhere. You might not be listening to the whispers of the muse, the higher self at times, but they are always there offering support and love all the time. I know this to be true, because when I pay attention, I already know what information is being offered and felt, was already there, I just need to acknowledge and allow the moment to unfold as it should. Write what wants to be written, just put pen to paper and let it all lay out, show itself and not run away from the story, embrace it and write!

Until next time, keeping on typing….



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