Post Halloween


I love this time of year! I love Autumn and all that is associated with it, the changing of the trees that transform their leaves into beautiful colors of reds, yellows and oranges, I miss those Maritime seasons when you noticed the first red maple leaf and then all of a sudden the whole tree was covered in shades of red. Then you knew the cold was coming soon as the leaves fell to the ground for us to pile up high and roll around in. That’s one of my happy places, the smell of the crisp air, ever so rotten leaves mixed with chimney smoke, ahhhh…that’s the good stuff.


Some of the team I work with

The other part of Autumn I enjoy is Halloween! It’s a great time of year, the anticipation of how much candy you might get, what you’ll dress up as, my creativity was at its highest at times trying to figure out what to dress up for Halloween. This year, at work, we encourage all employees to dress up in an appropriate costume (we don’t want to scare our guests too much), and I whipped something up and called myself a steam-punk pumpkin – hey, it’s Halloween, you can call your costume anything you want. There was a theme for our employees this year and everyone had fun with it. Onesis, who wouldn’t want to come to work in basically pj’s? Have I mentioned that I love where I work?


Now that Halloween is over, we put our costumes back into our tickle trunks for next year, and start to focus on Remembrance Day. The air is getting cooler each morning and evening, and the sun is bright during the brisk afternoons. (Unless it’s raining here on Vancouver Island, then that’s another story.) I love the change in seasons, there is a sense of renewal, time for a change as we move forward with our every day lives.


What is your favorite moments of Autumn? Did you have a good Halloween? Any big plans for the Holidays?

Until next time, keep on typing….

fall type


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