Keep Moving Forward


My manuscript sits and stars at me every time I walk into my writing room, or open my recent project on my laptop. The play I started lingers around my writing room with sticky notes of dialogue that blow me away, and there they sit, waiting for me to pull up my socks and finish them. To follow through with the very thing that I love, the very thing that I want to share, to say “hey, isn’t this cool? I had this idea and now it’s here to read.” What a concept. But what am I doing? Nothing. Sure I’m here with you, writing about how I’m not writing, the story of my life. I’m not sure if I gave up recently, or I needed a break, but I’ve had this breakup with manuscripts before only to crawl back to them to place ‘The End’ finally on the last page. It’s time to take that step back to the very thing I wanted to share so long ago.


A critical failure of nerve at the last moment causes us to doubt the worthiness of projects we have birthed. Novels go into desk drawers. Plays languish on shelves. The pumpkin rots on the vine. How can we go forward from here? We must believe, first of all, in the worth of our brainchildren. We must not abandon them. We must keep them a priority. Faced with rejections, we must keep trying. At root, it comes back to being a matter of faith. We must see our work as divine in origin. We must believe there is a divine path of goodness ahead in its unfolding. When we are rejected, we must ask, “What next?” and not, “Why me?” ~ Julia Cameron.


Why me? Because, I’ve been chosen to write down what is being whispered to me. My muse is relentless, she wants to be heard, she has so many stories that my head spins at times, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I love the rush of the new story, the new plot, what will the heroine do next, will the lovers stay in love or does someone die? What will happen to the protagonist if they say something or not say something? So many possibilities. How many times can I write how excited I get when I write, think about writing, the story, the whole act of sitting down and just typing away, letting the creativity take care of the quality and I just take care of the quantity? I could write almost every day about it and that what Julia Cameron does, maybe that’s what I’m meant to do as well. Motivate, be a writing cheerleader – you can do it! How do I become my own cheerleader? By sitting here and writing.

Until next time, keep on typing….



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