I Propose a Little Challenge


I am currently reading Artist’s Way Every Day – A year of creative living. I am taking on a new challenge for myself, for my creativity. Every day I am going to write. I’ll be one step clearer, beyond my morning pages, I will write everyday, no matter what it is, I will write! Even sitting down for five minutes or a hundred and fifty-five minutes a day, I will take whatever comes.


This paragraph plucked at the strings of my creativity:                                                       We all have time to write. We have time to write the minute we are willing to write badly, to chase a dead-end, to scribble a few words, to write for the hell of it instead of for the perfect and polished result. The obsessions with time is really an obsession with perfection. We want enough time to write perfectly. We want to write with a net under ourselves, a net that says we are not foolish spending out time doing something that might not pay off. When we write from love, when we let ourselves steal minutes as gifts to ourselves, our lives become sweeter, our temperaments become sweeter. ~ Julia Cameron


I have been procrastinating for far too long since my vacation in later August into early September. It’s October for goodness sake! Sure, I have dabbled and done some more revisions on my manuscript, wrote a few blogs, lingered around with a new story idea that keeps showing up every few months asking, now begging to be written. The image I can picture is a whole slew of words floating in the air with one of those cartoon bubbles attached to the protagonist crying out “Please, for your sake write this down!” This is what I know to be true at this moment. It’s time to get real and to get raw, no holding back, no hiding in memoir. How many times have I vowed to myself this very testament? Too god-damn many times for my liking. Anger is great for artists, it’s gets us motivated and that’s what I need, a swift kick in the ass, and today is the day! This moment is the day! Keep writing is my motto, don’t stop, let the pen glide across the page, let the fingers tap away on the key board, something is happening, the characters have something to say, I have something to say. Keep writing!

she woke up

I have all the time in the world to write and I will take advantage of this time, I will sit idle and then let the writing take over. My dreams are not fading away, they are as stubborn, and for that I am grateful.


For artists optimism is a great advantage. It is too easy to buy into pessimism, to romance the many odds so clearly stacked against us. It is easy to give in and to give up. But it is really so easy to let dreams die? Dreams are hardy. They are stubborn as weeds. We may think we have uprooted our dreams only to have a dream push upward again, daring us, one more time, to believe in the unbelievable. As long as a dream lives, so does a chance of its manifesting. We can cooperate with our dreams or we fight them. Our dreams are tenacious. They don’t just fade away. ~ Julia Cameron

Until next time, keep on typing….


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