A Step In The Right Direction


I just finished Prayers from a Non-believer A story of faith, by Julia Cameron. I would like to read everything by Julia if possible, but I’ve been avoiding anything that was too “God-like.” I’ve done the whole God thing, ‘Did that, done that, Got the T-shirt.’ I had an experience that my ego didn’t like and I shut out “God” because at the time I still believed in a God who sat on a cloud and I could blame everything on. I’ve grown up. More about the God experience later, its possibly a long story.


The person talking to God in this little book (it’s little in size) is more than just an average human being. He has the same thoughts and feelings as anyone. I related to him right away because after shutting out God, but not the entire higher power concept, just ego, old behavior thoughts of the physical dude sitting in the sky looking down on us humans on earth. I feel in love with the idea of god, but what I didn’t know was that I was in love with myself, because we are our own higher self. I know, take a minute or so to sit with this concept.


We’ve been spoon fed the concept that there is this person who will make things better for ourselves if we only live god-like lives. We’ll what is not said is, if you respect yourself then things fall into place and you will live a clean and clear life, god-like life, spiritual path; however you want to label it, it’s okay to be open about your spiritual feelings. The one thing I know to be true is that I am creative being and I find peace and balance when I am writing.


I have faith that when I am lost in the creativity that I will be finding myself there as well. This is what I know to be true for me, because I feel at peace when I’m writing, right here and now. I am in the now, and I know when I’m not. I am aware of when the ego gets scared of change and it tries to slip in to take over, but I have to say “who is aware?” and that brings me right back here and now. How do you gain your balance, your peace, getting to now?

Until next time, keep on typing….


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