Ta-dah moments


What are you reading this fall? I love a good romance, maybe a thriller and then I have my reference books about writing, they are like my cozy blankets, keeping warm and fuzzy. There is something about holding a book in my hands, gliding my fingers along the edges of the book, the spine, the inside of the book when it’s opened. I love the smell of books, the very essence of having book shelves filled with stories is simply pure pleasure for me.


Currently I am enjoying Julia Cameron’s The Writing Diet, which is more than just about eating right. Think about counting words instead of calories, what a concept! There are certain a-ha moments while reading, I shake my head, laugh out loud and find myself saying “exactly! Why didn’t I think of that?”


This particular passage peaked my interest:
‘Just for today we can manage to eat well. Just for today we can manage some exercise. Just for today we can sandwich in a little spiritual reading….And day’s end, instead of a to do list, we have what might be called a “ta-dah” list – a sizable handful of things well done. We couldn’t face the prospect of being so virtuous for the rest of our lives, but a day at a time, it’s quite possible – even enjoyable.”

I love the idea of a ta-dah list it seems so simple when you think about it. There are days I am very aware of my old behaviors “thinking” how “I” dread things, getting to the page, going to the gym, work, cooking, cleaning…but once I figured out how much I enjoy each of these little moments of my life, I do enjoy my time much more.

I love to write, going to the gym gives me more energy, cooking feeds the soul, I love my job and what I do, and cleaning, well, we’ll keep on working on that, haha!


Thank you Julia Cameron for your wonderful creativity and sharing it – I’m so grateful I opened ‘The Artist’s Way’ that one day when I was nudged to just open it up and take a peek. I’m so happy I had this notion and acted upon the whispers of the creativity.

What does your ta-dah list look like? How do you get over the “thinking” and start feeling and living?

Until next time, keep on typing….

ca. 1900 --- Woman Reclining at Desk Next to Typewriter --- Image by © CORBIS


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