The creativity journey we are all on is a blessed journey, for me this is my truth and sometimes I lose sight of the bigger picture, but there is always a reminder not far away to say “hello, don’t forget me.” my little artists waves at me wearing her shiny red rubber boots and bright yellow rain jacket.  I see her wearing this at times, she is always wearing something red, a color that I never use to care for, but lately I seem to be drawn to the deep color of the root Chakra – I am grounded or need to work on being grounded at times. My creativity that flow through my veins grounds me, keeps me calm and moving forward on a pilgrimage of sorts.


A pilgrimage is a physical process, a process that engages our heart and soul, not merely out well-honed intellect…The dark horseman of intellectual skepticism (also known as doubt) will be your constant traveling companion. As you explore the Kingdoms of Story, Sight, Sound, Attitude, Relationship, Spirituality, and Possibility, you will be learning simply to “do” and you will be learning by simply doing. Ironically, by allowing yourself to make what you conceive of as “bad art” our even “crafts,” you will heal yourself and give yourself the necessary strength and humility required to make good art…In other words, in order to go forward, you must first go back. ~ Julia Cameron


I have gone back a few times, back to the places that trigger my memories, the things I want to write about, places, sounds, smells that are still lingering in my mind that have whispered something to be written about. Being on the BC Ferry either coming or going to the mainland triggers something within me to think about “what if someone ran and jumped off the edge of the ferry into the ocean?” I don’t know why I think this, I just do. Then a character starts to whisper their background, their wishes, their desires, fears and joys. I write these little triggers down and maybe not look at them for days, weeks and in this case, years. Until another time I’m on the ferry and I think “What ever happened to so and so? Are you still a live? Do you still want to share your story?” and the characters wakens with a fresh new perspective “Hell yes!” they cry out and the story shows itself a little more clearly. I love the creative process! My characters come alive, but are they my characters? Yes and No. Yes to the point where they, their lives, their looks, personalities are shown to me, it’s my duty to write these details down. Why do I say no? They come from the creative universe, the very place that I was given my talent. It’s one big circle. It’s part of the journey.


It’s important for me to be here on the page, right here on the page, the words are placed onto the blank page, screen, chalkboard. It’s part of the process, my process, I will intended to start a blog and then when I’m done or feel like I can be done for the moment, I can move onto my manuscript or new idea that has been lounging around, waiting patiently to tell it’s story. I get goose bumps just thinking about the anticipation.


You will reclaim your keys to the creative gifts locked within you. You will discover that the keys have been yours all along, This means, of coarse, that it is not my place to name you an artists. Such power would be lovely, but it does not reside with me. You are the one who must name yourself, You are the one who must seek – and claim – your creative destiny. No one can do that for you, but you can do it for yourself. ~ Julia Cameron


Exactly! I have so many A-ha moments when I reread Julia’s words. I nodded my head in agreement with intention and run to the page. I sit down and let the words fly onto the page, I let myself go and the creativity takes over. Thank you! The creativity shoots out as my fingers type faster and faster. There is so much to share, and I want to share, I am ready and willing to do the work. So, I’m siting down and sharing at this very moment. Are you on your own writing pilgrimage? What are the steps you are taking to get tot he beginning, to stay on track, is the end an arm’s length away or is it closer than you thought? I can see the end of this particular crusade and another path ready to be started. That’s the beauty of creativity, it’s limitless, full of possibilities. What are you possibilities?

Until next time, keep on typing….



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