The Journey

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I’m slowly getting back into my writing routine after our fantastic east coast vacation! One way I know to kick my butt into the writing gear is to read other writers and to turn to my favorite motivational writing author, Julia Cameron. I was very committed to my morning pages, which saved me on many mornings, to start the day with dumping my frustrations over family concerns, not writing, not eating properly, oh the self doubter was having a field day! I was aware of these moments, and when I intended to write I gained excitement and energy, but I didn’t put a pen to paper or finger tips to keyboard I was sad and disappointed in myself that I didn’t follow through with my intentions. I understand that vacation is meant for rest and relaxation and I might have needed that time away from my manuscript to gain a few insights, and I did. My eyes were wide open and I listened, and I observed, then I jotted notes down not to forget. For this I am grateful. Sometimes you are given exactly what you need, even if you didn’t think you needed it.


I am drawn back to Julia Cameron’s, Vein of Gold, a much more in-depth book about tapping into the artist within, really getting serious about your art. I read it right after I gobbled up The Artist’s Way, and both books can be found either on my book shelves by my computer (yes, I still have a standing PC, I’m a bit old school, sometimes I think of getting a typewriter. Can you imagine? Of course you can!), or the dogged eared and spine broken books can be sitting on the floor next to my desk or bedside; they are never far. What Vein of Gold provided for me was more of a spiritual awakening that fed my creative needs. You can think of spirituality the way you feel most comfortable with, but for me it’s the creativity that I believe in, when I am in a creative moment or process or in the presence of creativity I am my true and authentic self.


When I speak of “spiritual DNA,” I am talking about a stamp of originality that is as definite and specific as my blue eyes, blond hair, medium height. Just as our physical potentials are encoded at conception, it is my belief that we also carry the imprint, or blueprint, of our gifts and their unfolding. For example, a love of music may indicate a gift for it as well – a gift we may not have developed due to the circumstances of our birth. Similarity, many voracious readers are closet writers, afraid to step into the arena of their dreams. This arena, the panoply of a more colorful self, is our spiritual DNA, the treasure chest we bring into the world and are charged with developing. The tricky part is recognizing it.~ Julia Cameron

I knew I was a writer from a very early age, I’ve shared this story before but it’s so vivid for me when I realized that I could write and share stories. I was around seven or eight years old when my mother took me to see Annie, the original movie with Carol Brunette and I went home and wrote stories about how I was Annie, or what kind of adventures Annie and her friends would get into. I wanted to make people as happy as I was when I watched Annie sing “The Sun will come out tomorrow…” But I wouldn’t become serious about writing until a little later, but deep down I had a craving to tell stories, to be on TV or in the movies. I wanted to create. But I had to practice, that didn’t’ come until later.


At it essence, art is an academical process. By practicing art, by living artfully, we realize our vein of gold. What I refer to as “the vein of gold,” Egyptians referred to as “the golden ray.” It is the individual, indisputable, indestructible connection to the divine….That is why this book must be a pilgrimage of healing, a journey home to the self. As we travel further and further into our interiors, we will be taking the dross of our lives – the disappointments, wounds, and burdens – and we will make them into gold through the power of creativity. All of our lives are already golden – in potential – if we are willing to do the necessary work of transformation. ~ Julia Cameron


I’m ready to do the work, I’m always ready to do the work, and there is no excuses, I took time off from my creativity and now I’m back to healing my wounded artist, I tell her it’s okay, we’ll get there sooner than later and we are, we’re right here on the page.

Until next time, keep on typing….



6 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. danicafavorite

    Wow, this is so great. I am on a similar journey, and sharing it with others, because I think we forget how important tapping in to our creative selves is. I just talked with a friend today about how I’ve been neglecting the creativity in favor of the important “work” but the truth is, without the creativity, the work can’t be done. And so I am back to a creative focus, reminding myself that I need it in order to accomplish the work.

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