Moving along


Do you ever feel like you need sometime to get away? Head out on the road and have an adventure? Yes, for sure you do! We all do! We need breaks from our normal routines, a change of scenery, something different, a new place to go for dinner, something that will shake the fog from our brains. Sometimes we need to play and be reminded of what we are intended to be doing, creating, we are creative beings and we will always be creating. Julia Cameron, starts to finalize the ending of The Artist’s Way;

As we write, digging ourselves out of denial, our memories, dreams, and creative plans all move to the surface. We discover anew that we are creative beings. The impulse cooks in us all, simmering along all the time – without our knowledge, without our encouragement, even without our approval…we are intended to create. We refurbish a dowdy kitchen, tie bows on a holiday cat, experiment with a better soup. The same child who brewed perfume from dab or this and dash of that, half dish soap and part cinnamon, grows up to buy potpourri and to boil a spice pot that says, “Christmas.”


Everything we do has purpose, when we sit idle we have ideas that come to us, not right away, maybe the next day, but they come and then we create. I was biking home from the gym and the Church across the street was ringing it’s beautiful bells, filling the air with enchanting Gothic like music. Suddenly I thought “What if my character heard church bells before she killed her first victims?” Yes, it sounds a bit out of my realm but I had been dabbling with a thriller/suspense story for over a year now or even more, always lingering in the back of my mind, and suddenly after months of not thinking of “her” (She doesn’t have a name yet), she pops up and says hello, “I like church bells for some reason, find out why.” Well, her popping in for that brief second triggered about 5,000 words. I love this creative process!


 Without our knowledge, without our encouragement, even without our approval. It (creativity) moves beneath the surface of our lives, showing in bright flashes, like a penny, in our stream of thought – like new grass under snow. ~ Julia Cameron

My creativity, our creativity is right here with us, always, sometimes not as bright as other times, but I guarantee you, it’s there, it never leaves our side, it’s constantly whispering sweet stories in our accepting ears. This is what I know to be true for me and my creativity and I know it’s true for you. Do you feel that undercurrent of an idea? As Julia mentions, moving along, beneath the surface of our lives. Isn’t that just a great image?


The clock is ticking and you’re hearing the beat. You stop by a museum shop, sign your name on a scuba-diving sheet, and commit yourself to Saturday mornings in the deep end. You’re either losing your mind – or gaining your soul. Life is meant to be an artist date. That’s why we were created. ~ Julia Cameron.

Don’t let the time click by without creating something today, everyday, right now. We are here to create and share, to live creatively.

Until next time, keep on typing….



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