Just get up and do it!


What you resist, persists. I’ve mentioned this before and I mentioned it again because I had this amazing moment when I pulled another card from the Observation Deck. Raise the Stakes. Yes, I pulled the very card only days before and after I pulled the card, ideas of what I can do to push my manuscript to the edge started to swirl within me.


Just a reminder about the raise the stakes card:

Raise the Stakes: How can you raise the stakes in your story? Is the conflict between characters too tame? Have you shown your nonfiction readers what they have to lose if they don’t accept your argument? Make your readers gasp for air as your paint a picture of the world in twenty years…


I’ve gone over my manuscript many times and my editor/mentor has gently pushed me to the edge, to get me to put down what we both know needs to be written. Sometime stops me and I take a creative U-turn and procrastinate like no ones business! This slow creative suicide has been resolved over the past year, there have been spurts of momentum on how I have created this balance of life, but I am very aware that I haven’t been as committed to my creativity at times. This is when I give myself a good talk’in too and then I’m okay for another few weeks.


I’ve sat down and told myself that if I’m hiding in memoir then it’s not really a memoir, it’s just floating along telling part of the story. So, I’ve been adding what I’ve left out and not holding back and it’s a much better story!


Since having pink eye and the corneal ulcer and my eyes are still not 100%, but they are much better than two weeks ago (very grateful for), I have learned to make sure that I’m not slinging back to my old behaviors and not writing for a few days because I have to go to work, or I think “oh, I’ll wait until my next days off.” No more!  I want to follow the rule of thumb of sitting down for at least an hour a day to write, or at least sit and be with pen and paper, or laptop and if nothing happens that’s okay, I made the effort to commit to my goal and with each moment I sit down to write or just sit down with the intention, I am committing to the creativity, the creativity that has been given to me, now it’s time for me to share. I am learning.


Being aware of your surroundings and creativity is important. Knowing you are meant to do something and taking the steps to spend time with that passion is part of the process. Yes, it’s going to be a lot of work, but it’s not work when you love what you are doing. I know that my days off from my full-time job are going to be filled with days of writing and working on my craft and that is great, I’m racing to get to the page to get to work. It’s pure enjoyment for me. I hope you have found what makes your heart sing!

Until next time, keep on typing….



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