Balancing Act Part 1


We all have little slips and trips during our journey, it’s very normal to have little bumps along the way, it makes things interesting in some cosmic way. Just because your ego thinks it should be one way, reality and what the universe has in store for you shows you another path. Like Dorothy, we can’t think because we follow the yellow brick road it’s going to be an easy walk to the great Oz.


I set my goals for 2015, I have a list of writing goals I thought I was able to sustain each week. Write one or two blogs a week, work on some flash fiction and work on revisions on my manuscript. Like some Hockey Teams, it looks good on paper, but once in action, something has to change to get the puck in the goal.


My editor and I started to work on my manuscript three weeks ago and I said I was ready to work, I said I wanted to work to get my manuscript in shape to present to publishers. I put it out there, I made a commitment with my editor so there was no turning back. My other writing goals have slowed down a little. Which at one point I was upset with myself for letting slip, but then I had to stop the negative Nelly thoughts and say “it’s okay.” I also have this new character floating around, well she’s not really new, she appeared about four years ago and I wrote down a few ideas of her personality and some of her back story. Well, she’s back and wants my attention. This is where I have to find my balance again, so back to my day timer and write down the priorities and I have to make room for when my editor sends me something to work on and I might have to push the research for a blog or an on-line submission to another day. I recognize that I’ve said I’m ready to work on my manuscript and that is what this year is about, to have my manuscript ready for publication. No turning back, no if, ands or buts!

don't look back

It’s okay to shift your goals around to make room and focus on one bigger goal, then you can shift back to another project/goal when you’re not working on that particular goal. It’s all about balance and I’m practicing the art of living a balanced life, I seem to be doing okay, there are some areas I would like to work on, but for the most part I’m doing well. For example; on Saturday I requested to work a half day at the hotel-life because I wanted to attend a friends 80th birthday celebration that was happening mid afternoon.  Then a friend who I haven’t seen or really talked to for over four years was in town and we had a nice lunch and visit, then I got ready for my friend’s birthday celebration, then home to make dinner and spend time with my husband. I didn’t write during the day, but I did think about writing, I talked about my writing with friends who I haven’t seen for some time and they asked “how’s the writing going?” and normally I don’t like this question, but this time I didn’t mind, I told them the truth of what I was working on and the goals I set for myself. This shift of just telling the truth about what I’m writing, what writing goal I’m working on feels good.

How do you keep a balance life? What one goal are you working on? Are you making room to shift goals around? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, keep on typing….




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