Relax & Retreat


There is nothing like getting out of the city and retreating to a lake side cabin to take a moment and just take time for you. I had an opportunity to stay at a beautiful lake side home on Shawnigan Lake, BC just forty five minutes out of the city, but it was like going to another world.


The main reason of the trip was celebration my husband’s birthday of Valentine’s day, so we made it a week-end trip. We left late afternoon on Friday and came back late Sunday afternoon. It’s still a bit chilly for us on Vancouver Island so we didn’t swim in the normally warm lake water, but it was just the right temperature to hang out the dock and relax.

IMG_2892 tea mugIMG_2893

I loved sitting on the dock with a good cup of green tea, a book and my note-book. There was inspiration all around and I found myself tearing up from the pure joy of being in the moment, being right here and now.

When you walk to the dock there is a set of train tracks that run by the lake, I loved these train tracks, there was something about them that triggered memories of my childhood. I also enjoyed watching the locals walk along the tracks with their friends, partners, dogs; everyone was so content and joyful – there is something about water that calms and soothes the soul, well at least that’s what water does for me.

IMG_2876 IMG_2861

The train tracks also gave me a sense of peace, there is something about the notion of getting on a train and traveling across the country, seeing things you might never see when driving. I also love the train because my parents met on a train and there is this romantic notion that lives within me. I’ve shared this before that I’m a die-hard romantic at heart – what more could you ask for in a love story? Boy sees girl, girl sees boy, they meet up in the club car and talk, then they part and the girl sits by herself knowing the boy will find her, and he does find her and they talk for the entire train ride from Nova Scotia to Ontario a two-day trip that fulfilled their destiny of meeting. That’s serendipity at it’s best!

On the last morning, the fog was thick on the lake, and watching the fog linger on the lake was also very romantic. It also conjured an idea of “what if”, what if the lake was haunted, what if someone died? What if the heroine feel in love and then left the lake for several years only to return to find her love waiting for her? So many ideas ran through my mind. Being at the lake really gave me the time to fill my creative well, to let inspiration show it self and for me to accept the inspiration – I love the creative process!


Where do you go to gain inspiration? What are you favorite places to retreat to? Not every writer will have the same answer, well maybe we are creative souls but we tend to gravitate to nature and solitude, well that’s me – I’d love to hear from you, let us know how you fill your creative wells.

Until next time, keep on typing….

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