Follow your heart


Last week I talked about goal setting and I shared some of my goals; one of my goals was to share more. I wrote my goals down and I sat down with my Polestar Planner and mapped out the goals I felt I could achieve each day and this week I was able to:

  • Research places to submit non-fiction work.
  • Work on the non-fiction piece to get ready to send in before January 30th.
  • Work on my memoir edits on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for at least 30 minutes (Thursday I got 15 minutes of work done, but it’s better than nothing).
  • Research and work on a new blog.

Here I am working on a new blog – I wanted to do this on Friday, and the only excuse I have is that I didn’t get my ass off the sofa to move to my writing room. I had a long day at my day job and wanted to sit and stare at the wall or the TV that would numb me from the the day. I have to be truthful to myself because writing is my job and I have to take it as serious as my hotel life, there is no time to be messing around.

If you want to write, write. You don’t have to give up your day job, you do have to get up earlier. You don’t have to sacrifice your family. You write when they go to bed. Don’t romanticize being a writer. Just write. ~ Lindsay Price Playwright

I love this very simple and true statement about writing.

The first goal was to start researching paid submission calls for non-fiction. Natalie Macniel suggested one of the goals should be financially driven. So the goal is easier to plan when you are researching for specific criteria.                 I had already been reviewing a freelance site – help for freelance writers: calls for submissions, editorial staff changes, writing opportunities, and writing advice. I have found a few submission calls that are up my alley and I’ve started on one submission call for the next Chicken Soup for the Soul series, I’m very grateful for these opportunities that I have been able to come across. It’s important to honor those little treasures of synchronicity.


Even if I didn’t do any work on Friday, I did write in my planner that I would catch up on Saturday and I am honoring that commitment now. I do have a goal to write at least two blogs a week and I’m just researching another form of writing and blogging. Have you heard of Biosgraphy? It’s a social network for deeper and meaningful human connection that touches hearts, opens minds and inspires the world through storytelling.

Typewriter What is Your Story

I love the idea of storytelling and it fits in with my goal of sharing more, so I will try to at least do one blog here and a smaller blog on Biosgraphy. I’ll make sure I let you know how it goes.

These are just a few steps that I have taken to get my goals started and on a path of success. Every day is new and fresh and it’s important what we do with each new day. How do you want to spend this day? Have you set goals? Do you need some guidance on how to set some goals? Let me know, I’m happy to help.

If you need any information on the sites I’ve provided let me know, and if you need any help with getting your goals started, I’m happy to help.

Until next time, keep on typing….



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