A New Year…Small steps to get where I’m going


Happy New Year my friends! Did you have a good New Year’s celebration? Any goals for 2015?

I celebrated the New Year with my birthday on January 1st. Having your birthday fall on the first day of the year, or what I like to call it “national hang over day” was not all that great when I was growing up but now I love having the day off to spend it the way I like to.

When I was younger my mother would have my birthday parties shortly after the first, but it seemed that I had to wait to have a birthday party when school started again after the Christmas break. I don’t think I even minded the delayed birthday party, as long as my parents acknowledged my real birthday I was happy. My parents never forgot my birthday, how could they, how could anyone? Like my husband’s birthday, February 14th, it’s not Valentines day, it’s his birthday – I will never forget.


The last few birthday’s have been low key which I don’t mind at all. Even though I like to entertain and be social, I also love my alone time. Wrap myself up in a cozy blanket and read a book, watch a good movie or do some writing, I try to fit all three in on any day off that I may have. I was happy the gym was open on my birthday so I went to sweat the remainders of New Year’s Eve off, and get ready for one my goals in 2015, to lose at least 5 pounds, 10 would be nice too, but living a healthy life style is just as important to me, really enjoy life not live by calorie counting and doing “X” amount of cardio. It’s about what feels good and really enjoying life.

I’ve switched up my Monday morning writing session; this is the second week that I’ve stayed at home in my writing room and I seem to be adjusting to the change I insisted on – don’t get me wrong I love going to Serious Coffee and going on my Artist Date, but sometimes you need to shake things up to get the creative juices flowing in a different direction. I found that after I finished writing my morning pages I would break the flow of writing, when all I wanted to do was keep writing.



So last week that’s what I did, once I finished my morning pages I moved to the laptop and continued with writing, I finished an article ad blog post and worked on my book. It felt great to move with the creative flow and not be distracted with the small things in a coffee shop, like people watching; it’s one of my favorite pass times, but it’s exactly that, I don’t get a lot done when I’m watching and wondering about other people when I should be focused on my work and what I’m doing and where I am going, not the lady who comes in every Monday at 10:30, circles the shop for a table, then puts her coat down gets a coffee and then works on a crossword puzzle for an hour. Yes, I see what time she comes in and when she leaves, you can see how I don’t get a lot done when I hang out in a coffee shop.


So one of my goals is to stay in my writing room to get more work done, to take my writing life seriously because it’s important. I will treat myself to a tea later in the afternoon and have the time to people watch and not feel guilty for not writing because I would get too caught up with the couple that came in every Monday at 9:05am and wouldn’t talk to one another while they drink coffee and pick away at their muffins. Do they want to have a conversation or is it their morning ritual and there is a rule of not talking to one another until they’ve had their coffee? So many “what if’s” and “I wonder’s” to write about. See, it’s a good thing that I’m here sitting in my writing room with the view of a roof top and rain falling this winter morning on the West coast of Vancouver Island.


Do you have any goals for 2015? I’ve love to hear about them, how are you going to live your best life? How are you giving time to what you love? I’m taking small steps to live my writing life with intention, first step is to keep on writing.


Until next time my friends…keep on typing.


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