A New Year is Quickly Approaching


Merry Christmas everyone! How was your Christmas? Are you still celebrating? What have you planned for New Year’s Eve?

Working in the hospitality world is fun and interesting during the Christmas Holiday Season. We are busy at the hotel with guest Christmas parties, employee parties and every day to day hotel life operations but living in BC’s capital has it’s advantages. By the time December 21st comes around everything is put on the back burner (unless it’s time sensitive) and everyone just waits until January 2nd to surface and slowly gets back into the work mode.

This year I had Christmas Eve off and back to work at 5:00pm on Christmas night for a few hours. As managers we all work on Christmas day and spilt the day up amongst one another, it’s fair and honestly working on Christmas is fun at the hotel. Everyone is so happy (not that they aren’t happy every other day), everyone is wishing one another a Merry Christmas, the guests are floating around also spreading the Christmas spirit, I love it!


My husband and I spent Christmas Eve with a friend who doesn’t have family in town and we had a great time. We had a wonderful dinner, opened presents and a great evening! I felt like I was eight years old ripping open packages from family across the country. I think our friend had more fun watching us laugh over the little things our families sent to us, I love that my mother still sends me an inspirational book of some sort and this year she knitted a great patchwork afghan – it’s so warm and cozy!

Christmas day my husband got up early to play golf and I went for a run. Yes, we are not traditional at all. I spent the rest of the day watching two of my favourite Scrooge Movie’s,  1951 version with Alastair Sim’s as Scrooge, and Bill Murray’s Scrooged. Then my husband and I had brunch and watched The Festivus, Seinfeld episode – what a great episode!

Now we are getting ready for New Year’s and my birthday, New Years’s day one of the worst days to have a birthday as a child. I never had a birthday party on January first, my mother would have a party a few days later and then when I worked in resorts, I would celebrate my birthday at the stroke of midnight with guests who I was serving and when they found out it was my birthday I’d get a bigger tip, or a round of drinks, it was great. Now, I take the day off and do what I enjoy, go for a run, write and watch Annie Hall, my favourite movie of all times!

This is also the time I’m feeling like I should write down a few goals for the New Year. Small goals that help with the bigger picture. I recently saw a quite about what writing is really about. It’s about sitting down and opening up, letting the blood, sweat and tears onto the page, don’t hold back and put it all down on the page. I understand this, I get it, I need to apply this notion to my every day writing life. This creative life is very intentional and I must walk the talk of being a writer. It doesn’t mean I have to have a trilogy out or be publishing a book every six months (even if I’d love that!), it’s about being true to yourself and sitting down and write!


Well my friends I hope that your all had a good Christmas I wish you all a Very Happy New Year!

Until next time…keep on writing




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