Remembering – Life is about Love!


When I am at work I normally try to keep my emotions out of my decisions or how I act, meaning I don’t get angry when a guest yells at us for whatever reason, or I don’t get overly emotional if a guest is crying or is joyous about their wedding. I do feel my emotions, but as a professional I don’t show the emotions (too much).

Two things today have struck cords on my heart, not that holiday movies don’t get the water works going, but I am reminded what this season is really about. Love. (Love Actually is a great Christmas movie to get a box of tissue out for.)

A dear friend (her name is Tracy) that I worked with in Lake Louise passed away 12 years ago, and today the anniversary of her passing Facebook page is alive with old friends sharing how much they loved her, sharing stories of the past and just being with one another, even if we are thousand of miles away from one another. This is one of the many reasons why I like Facebook – staying connected.


This evening at work a guest shared why they are staying with us and not to go into great detail, this family deserves all the love and support I can offer as a human being and an employee serving them to ensure they have the best experience. As I remember my dear friend Tracy, I am reminded what the Holiday season is really about – being with your loved ones and honouring one another with love. To really let go of judgement and anger and live life to the fullest – live each day with purpose!


 I wake up each morning expressing how grateful I am to be alive, to accept today’s gifts to learn, to share and to be. Today’s gift is compassion and being honest with yourself, letting yourself feel the holiday spirit and just be right here and now.



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