A Gentle Reminder


I am reminded by a motivational speaker about something that I coach people and simply say “Sometimes you have to let go to grow….”


The question that was asked by the motivational speaker:                                                                                                          “If the situation didn’t change a year from now would you be happy?”                                                                                  Great question and my true self answer is no. I would not be happy if the situation I am thinking of didn’t change. I am reminded of what my true calling is on this earth and I have to once again pull up my socks and take the right steps to honor myself and the passion that has chosen me to share the writing. To share more of my writing, to write the stories that swirl around my head and not care what others think. To really take the job as a writer seriously, not just something that I pretend to do, but to really live with true intention.

I am currently reading Appetites by Geneen Roth and she speaks about food and our body images, yet her words apply to everyday worries that we might have.

The real work of this life is not what we do every day from nine to five. The real work is to disidentify from self-images that were formed a lifetime ago, and from which we still construct our daily lives. The real work is to allow ourselves to be who we already area, and to have where we already have. The real work is to be passionate, be holy, be wild, be irreverent, to laugh and cry until you awaken the sleeping spirits, until the ground of your being cleaves and the universe comes flooding in…How do we do that work? How do we dream our own lives into being when we’ve spent those lives wanting to be different that we are?

By understanding that the more time we spend constructing parallel lives, the less energy we have for our present lives. By respecting the valid reasons we create those lives: the need to be seen, recognized, and honored for our deepest, truest selves….By constantly inquiring into our experience…By honoring the longing to have a big life…By living daily with the burning question that is behind every addiction: what is enough? By understanding that our lives unfold as we live with and burn with, our questions. There is no right answer. By knowing that no feeling is final…By being aware that what you do to get somewhere is who you become when you arrive. The process is the goal… Geneen Roth.

I read this and hit my knee and then pointed to the sky “Exactly!” Then I was presented with the question of would I be happy in a year from now if the situation didn’t change. My true self is stepping up and is telling me something and not in a soft voice, but a loud-do-you-hear-me-now voice, like some cheerleader with a megaphone my voice is calling out – “Let go to grow! Let go to grow!”


I’ve let go of chocolate and that has proven to open other doors of what else I need to let go in terms of diet but also personally. It’s amazing how one little challenge can open the doors of opportunities and to show you that you are on the right path.


This month is focused on gratitude and I am truly grateful for the serendipitous signs that show themselves exactly when I need them. Being aware is a great gift to yourself and I am filled with joy that I am right here and now, taking the time to be with my passion (writing) and sharing with you.

What are you needing to let go to grow? I’d love to hear from you, share your joy, fear, accomplishments, disappointments, celebrations here on the page. One word usually takes the lead on the next word and then when you least expect it you have a story to share. I love the creative process!

Well my friends, thank you for letting me share, until next time…keep on typing.


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