A Month of Gratitude


My cousin is hosting this wonderful gratitude challenge and I would love to share it with you. I think it’s a wonderful way to express our gratitude:

The Compound Effect– by Darren Hardy

” It’s easy to point fingers at others, isn’t it? “I’m not getting ahead because of my lame boss” “I would have gotten that promotion if it hadn’t been for that backstabbing co-worker.” “I’m always in a bad mood because my kids are driving me crazy.”
We’re particularly gifted in the finger pointing department when it comes to our romantic relationships–you know, where the ‘other’ person is the one who needs to change.
A few years back, a friend of mine was complaining about his wife. From my observation, she was a terrific lady, and was lucky to have her. I told him as much, but he continued to point out all the ways she was responsible for his unhappiness. That’s when I shared an experience that had literally changed my marriage. One Thanksgiving, I decided to keep a thanksgiving journal for my wife. Every day for an entire year I logged at least one thing I appreciated about her–the way she interacted with her friends, how she cared for our dogs, the fresh bed she prepared, a succulent meal she shipped up or the beautiful way she styled her hair that day–whatever. I looked for the things my wife was doing that touched me, or revealed attributes, characteristics, or qualities that I appreciated. I wrote them all down secretly for the entire year. By the end of that year I’d filled an entire journal.

When I gave it to her the following Thanksgiving, she cried, calling it the best gift she’d ever received. The funny thing was that the person most affected by this gift was me. All that journalling forced me to focus on my wife’s positive aspects. I was consciously looking for all the things she was doing “right”. That heartfelt focus overwhelmed anything I might have otherwise complained about. I fell deeply in love with her all over again….

….As a result of choosing to take a mere five minutes every day or so to document all the reasons why I was so grateful for her, we experienced on the best years of our marriage, and it’s only gotten better.
After I shared my experience, my friend decided to keep a Thanksgiving journal about his wife. With the first few months, he completely turned around his marriage. Choosing to look for and focus on his wife’s positive qualities changed his view of her, which changed how he interacted with her. As a result, she made different choices about the way she responded to him.”


Here is her gratitude Challenge for you. Think of one or two people in your life who you want to make a journal for…and for the next 24 days write out the things you appreciate about them. Then I want you to wrap it up and give it to them Christmas morning.

Focus on the things that are the most important to us this season and reflect on what makes it special… We don’t need any money or fancy gifts to express our love and affection to those people who share our lives. WHO is in this with me? I am making a few Gratitude gifts this Christmas.

Thank you Kelly for sharing this wonderful idea!



2 thoughts on “A Month of Gratitude

  1. What a really sweet idea I love that. I think I need to do this for my mum. As much as I love her, she irritates me haha.. I snap at her a bit even though we are close. I think she would really love receiving this as well. Thank you


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