Creativity is calling out

girl in hat

It’s a cold Monday morning here in Victoria, and what I mean by cold is -1 and that’s cold for our West coast city where we are used to temperatures of 10-15 degrees with grey skies and warm rain. Now, it’s sunny and cold and I honestly will say that I prefer the sun and cold. Who doesn’t love cozy sweaters, scarfs and toque weather? I grew up in Halifax, I am no stranger to the cold, but I prefer warmer weather and if I had it my way I’d be wearing flip-flops all year-long – I guess I need to move to Maui.

So what’s going on this Monday morning? I’m at Serious Coffee and my usually table was available which filled me with giddy excitement. I am not listening to the soundtrack of Guardians of the Galaxy, why? Well it’s what we watched last night and the soundtrack is great – the best of the 70’s and 80’s songs, who doesn’t love the Pina Colada song?

I’m working on a new story at the moment. I had an idea a few weeks ago when my friend reminded me of a conversation we had a year ago. I said that I had so many story ideas and I have a few romance ideas swirling around. Then all of a sudden I had a strong woman protagonist whispering in my ear that she loves to bake croissants with a secret ingredient and she also has a passion to sail on the Bluenose II.  The great Canadian Schooner that is on the ten-cent piece. I wasn’t prepared to even write down the notion, but once I did I ended up with a page of dialogue that made me laugh and I was hooked, I wanted to know more about her, so I’ve been listening and just writing where the characters want to go. I love the creative process!


My Aunt Eileen’s drawing – just love her creativity!

So, what are you working on? Anything that makes you laugh? Are your characters whispering or crying out to be heard? One of my characters is struggling with his girlfriends rebellious behavior of wanting to leave him for two months to working on the Schooner. Will they survive this decision? What is important to these two characters? What is the outcome? I revert to Debra Dixon’s, Goal, Motivation and Conflict. What are the characters goal, motivation and conflict. I love doing character cheat sheets, I use recipe cards and jot down what color of hair  and eyes they have, what their favorite music is, occupation, relationships, education, every detail that makes them who they are and what they bring to the story. I know my female protagonist has sparkling green eyes, maybe red hair, but I see her with chestnut-brown hair, naturally curly that she puts in a very loose bun. I see her being five foot eight, slender as she is a runner and has a small personal gym in her home. The rabbit hole of possibilities rushes in and I am swept away with her and the other characters. I get overly joyous over a good love story – but I also love a strong character who can have both love and career, more so what they love to do and I lean to the arts for my characters occupations, one could be a writer, a carpenter who specializing in detailed frame work, a cake designer… See, I can get totally swept away with the possibilities.


Swept Away by Erte

Back to my question to you. What are you working on? I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time….keep on typing.

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