Today I Choose Joy


October is my favorite season. Even though I love to soak in the sun and warm during the summer, I love the crisp weather that October brings, and to pull on a cozy sweater is heaven in my world.

G8 sweater weather

I grew up in Nova Scotia where we had four seasons, the summer sunshine, the fall colors, white winter-land and colorful springs. I love the smell of a smokey chimney on a fall day. Here in Victoria we have two seasons, summer and rainy season. Okay that’s not really true. I’ve lived all over Vancouver Island and there are four seasons in some areas, and now in Victoria I find gratitude with our fall season. We defiantly get wonderful seasonal colors, I have a maple tree outside my writing room and I watch the leaves change colors over the fall – I love that!

I remember going to university in Nova Scotia and I loved that change of the air, slowly the crisp air would linger around and I would bundle up in a warm sweater and wrap a scarf around my neck, almost over my nose at times to hide from the wicked wind coming from the Atlantic ocean. There is something romantic about the fall, in all the senses. Cuddling with your lover as you stroll along a path in a park on a Sunday afternoon, going to a farmer market to pick out a pumpkin to carve for Halloween, or wrapped up in blankets on the sofa watching a movie or reading a book with a hot cup of tea or even better hot chocolate with little marshmallows. Doesn’t that sound like a great way to spend an afternoon?


One other fond memory of fall in Nova Scotia is spending time with my Nana in Mahome Bay – the fall colors are a lasting impression. To this day I can see the vibrant reds, yellows and oranges of the tree tops whiz by while driving from Halifax to the south shore. The three churches of Mahome Bay would be surrounded by colorful tree tops and you knew winter was just around the corner. These little memories shape who I am today, I am so grateful for such experiences and now I live in another great town filled with new experiences and memories.

three chruches

Now in Victoria, it’s pretty much the same on the opposite side of the country. Today, I pulled out one of my favorite sweaters and wrapped a scarf around my neck to head out to my favorite cafe to do some writing. The air is crisp this morning and there are piles of colorful leaves on lawns and there are lines of smoke from chimney’s that are being woken up for the season. It’s almost time to get the bag of toques and mittens out, but the umbrella’s and rubber boots are taking over the Victoria area at the moment, that’s when you know fall is turning into the “rainy” season. I love the new seasons that I live amongst and falling back in love with the little things that make me smile and fill my heart with joy.


What are you’re favorite things about fall?

Until next time, keep on typing….

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