The Line


This week-end we went to Seattle for three nights. The main reason for visit was to see the band Phish. If you’re a PhishHead then you know what I’m talking about, if not and you’re thinking what the…? I know I did when I first heard my partner tell me about his adventures to a Phish Festival filled with music, alcohol, drugs and other things that remain unsaid, like Vegas, “what happens at a Phish Festival, stays at the Phish Festival.” Well not to such an extreme that you’ll never show your head at another Phish show, that would be just silly.

Phish is a band that has been around for 30 years, I was ten when Trey, Mike, Page and Jon came together to start playing music together, and as they say The Rest is History… I won’t get into the whole history of how the bang got together and their 30 year and going strong music career. I wanted to share how amazed I was at the show in the KeyArena in Seattle.

The first time I saw Phish was a three-day festival in Indio CA, at Halloween, it was pretty amazing to watch thousand of people come together for three days from all over the world (I met someone who flew from France to see the show – that’s true dedication!), and just enjoy the music. It’s not about whose the number one fan, or knowing every song (but they do), and just understanding that we all come together for the same thing, to hear the music, the improvisational jams that can last over 20 minutes long.  Phish takes you on a journey with their music that may take you on another adventure of your own. I am swept away by some of the music and lyrics. I have a handful of favourite Phish Songs, the first one being Waste.

….a dream it’s true
but I’d see it through
if I could be
wasting my time with you

so if I’m inside your head
don’t believe what you might have read
you’ll see what I might have said
to hear it
come waste your time with me….

If my partner and I were to get married, this would be our wedding song, that says a lot for the band; if they get me thinking about marriage they have tapped into my creative side for sure!

Another favourite is a new song from their latest studio album Fuego.

The Line

…Every shot I’ve taken, has led me to this moment since I was four feet high.
Big Dee is watching I remember what he taught me: “Don’t let them see you cry.”

And you step to the line.
And you step to the line.

You try to see your future from the line.
You’re clinging to the notion you’ll be fine.
But the circle’s getting smaller all the time…

When I first heard this song I thought about my line, what future was I looking at from what line? I can remember when I was six or seven when I was properly four-feet tall that I wanted to write stories. I wanted my future to be the story that I created, and I do live a creative life, and I am working on sharing my stories with people. This blog is part of the sharing, and I’m so happy to be telling you stories.

The rest of the week-end was filled with other new adventures. My partner wanted to go to the BathTub Gin bar in Seattle. It’s supposed to be this secret bar that everyone knows about but really doesn’t know at the same. Bath Tub Gin also happens to be a Phish song, so we had to go and I am really glad that we did. We arrived around 9:45pm after our 5 hours journey to get to Seattle; it’s only a two and half hour ferry ride from Victoria to Seattle, but the winds were up to 70m/phr so we had to go another route via Port Angeles. Let’s just say the time was well spend reading a new book, which I almost finished on the regular ferry home today.

Bathtub Gin Co. is located down an alley and the directions tell you that you need to find a wooden door with one light above it. I know what you are thinking, I thought the same thing…I was transported to the 80′ where you had to find the door and know the right hand shake to get into the club. But, there is was, the wooden door with one light above it and a very tall man who was the bouncer or greater. There were four other people in line and I laughed out lout, I couldn’t believe that I was in Seattle standing in line to a bar that was this secret place, I was also very intrigued and excited to see what the secret was all about. When it was our turn to be introduced to the bar, the bouncer, let’s call him Jerry, he seemed like a Jerry. So Jerry talks very low and is explaining that the bar only seat 38 but he can get 40 people in as long as we stand by the wall and wait for the cocktail server to approach us. “This is not like any other bar, you don’t get just a gin and tonic here, these are hand-crafted cocktails, one bartender for forty people, so please be patients when you order.” I smiled and said I understood, I also understood I couldn’t be my sarcastic self and tell him that the hotel I work for has a lobby bar that has been nominated three times in a row for best hotel cocktail bar by Tales of the Cocktail. I know what handmade cocktails is all about, one drink takes up to ten minutes to make, and worth every minute you wait.

Bathtub Gin Co. is fantastic! We had two cocktails and the ingredients were simple but blended so well to create something sensational. We watched a few people come and go with the same reactions. Some people were regulars and they just seemed like they were at home. I love that type of atmosphere, and that’s exactly how it felt when we were at the Phish show. We shared the stadium with over twenty thousand other Phish fans and I for one felt like I was right where I was supposed to be, enjoying the moment and being in the now. Phish does that, they bring you together to just be. I can’t wait until my next show.

Now, back at home attending to the pile of laundry that we left behind seems not such a taunting task when you’re humming The Line.

Until next time my friends…keep on typing.




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