Day 17


It’s day 17 of my no chocolate challenge. Day 17 out of my 28 day commitment. Funny it’s 28 days, isn’t that how many days some rehabilitation program are? After some research, there are 28 or 30 day program to get and stay clean from a substance which will help you discover a longer program if needed. From  a 28 or 30 day program a good starting point for struggling addicts, the programs give you enough time to get your head clear, detox and stay sober. Having a clear mind with help you make healthy and clear decisions by the end of the program.

Giving up chocolate has been very much like giving up alcohol or drugs. The first seven days I seemed to be okay despite the occasional craving and moments where my ego wanted to just buy some chocolate and say “no one will ever know….” Do addicts say this about their choice of addiction? Probably, I know I have said this to myself in the past when I would stop into my favorite chocolate shop and get three or four dark chocolate salted camels, “no one will know I was here, no one will know that I’ll eat one now and then one later and the vicious circle of no-one-will-know spirals out of control and every day I’m in the chocolate shop thinking “no will know”.


Then on day 14  of this no chocolate challenge I became very frustrated with still craving chocolate, still thinking about it. I gave up chocolate once before and it seemed to be easier, this time I am more aware of the withdrawal of chocolate, the constant struggle of seeing chocolate everywhere, I mean it’s everywhere, every store I’ve gone into in the past 17 days there is some type of chocolate. I have to be honest and say that i’s been very hard this time around to give up chocolate and I finally asked myself on day 14 why is it so hard this time? After talking with a friend the question now “what is in chocolate that my body is looking for? So I did a little research and I found that if the body is craving chocolate it might be needing magnesium. I totally did not even think that I was lacking vitamins or minerals and I’m usually very aware of what I eat or what fuels I need to keep the body moving. So I started to take a magnesium supplement and also adding kudzu to my smoothies. kudzu is a Chinese herb that basically prevents excessive consumption. Perfect! It’s also great as a thickener for cooking, no more corn starch – even better!

So it’s day 17, three days after I asked the question of what might my body be needing vs, why is this so hard, I’m feeling much better. I actually was in the grocery store yesterday and faced with Halloween candy and chocolate as soon as I walked into the store. I didn’t even think “no one will know”. I take this as a personal triumph and break through.


28 days of not eating chocolate is turning out to be about more than not eating chocolate. I’m learning more about my body and being very aware of my thoughts. I mediate daily and meditation helps with the thoughts and emotions. They are just thoughts and the key is not to hook into the thoughts, just let them float by and take a deep breath. The support of my friends and family is very helpful, now they are rooting for me to see my commitment through which is very helpful, I feel their support, I am very thankful. I’ve made a commitment to myself and to others – I will follow through.

Thank’s for letting me share. Until next time, keep on typing…..



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