It’s feeling a lot like fall


I woke up early this morning and the sky was gray with a hint of light, hoping it’s going to turn into another sunny September day. Then it started to rain as I left the house to my favorite cafe to do some writing, actually today’s goal is revisions and structure. I don’t mind the rain, I actually like it. I love when it’s sunny but at the same time there is something about the rain that washes away the old energy to make room for new energy, new life, new excitement. The rain is washing away my current routine of not writing as much as I know I can be or want to be be, and yesterday was the start of a new found excitement to get some writing done!

It’s defiantly a fall morning, the rain reminds us that we live on the West coast of Vancouver Island, we have two seasons, rain and no rain. We’ve been so blessed with such an amazing summer, and today’s rain is very much welcomed. We need it, the ground needs it, water is essential to our lives.

This Monday morning I arrived at my favorite cafe and there were two other people in the cafe. It’s very quiet and I enjoy the stillness of the morning. I am happy to report that I’ve started on the structure of my memoir and it feels really good to get back into the swing of things. I set my goals and I’m following through and that feels good, it feels natural and that’s a good sign of my ego buggering off. Yes, I have a hard time getting settled, it may take a half hour of puttering around, getting tea, the right pen, the right background music, but once I’m here I’m not going anywhere for how ever long that writing sessions lasts. Yesterday I sat down for an hour and it felt more like minutes that floated by as I started to dive into the structure of my memoir. I love when that moment happens, as I love every writing session that I am blessed with. I learn a few things about myself, like I’m enjoying no music if I’m reading my work out loud. It helps me to hear what I’ve written. I’m enjoying my writing room more and more. I’ve added a few more items to my writing vision board that represent my goals and creative life style that I have manifested; truthfully the creative life has chosen me and I’m writing what is being provided and that my friends is a blessing.


Now the cafe is filling up with people escaping the rain that seems to be falling harder and longer than maybe we’ve expected. I’m enjoying my Green Yerba Mate tea that comforts me as I begin to work on my writing.

What are you doing on this fresh new day? Are you spending time with your passion? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, keep on typing….



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