Happy Monday morning! The cafe I come to each Monday is busy this morning. It’s officially the first day of school after the long BC teachers strike, there is a buzz in the air.

The sky is filled with clouds, fall is defiantly in the air and I actually had to put on jeans and a sweater, fall is here.

This is all very random, I’m not awake yet, and my mind is swirling with my morning pages. Yesterday I had a few daily goals that I totally brushed off. Okay not one of them. I said I would vacuum when I got back from the gym and I did. The floors are no longer taken over by the dust bunny community, for now. I also wanted to start working on the structure of my memoir; I opened up my document and looked at a few pages, edited a chapter and then thought I should download a few episodes of a show that I could watch later. Well that went sideways in a hurry, I some how just started to watch a show and an hour later I forgotten all about my memoirs structure. Not to worry, I did get back to the memoir and did move some things around and then all of a sudden I thought I should go to the farmers market as he might not have any potatoes left by the late afternoon. Can you just see the ego trying to procrastinate at it’s best? It’s so obvious and I just went along with it.

My other goal was to tidy up my writing room, move one pile of books to another pile of books. Finally unpack the box filled with old drafts of my memoir and organize them into folders. Well that never happened. I came home from the farmers market had a late lunch snack and started to get ready to go to a friend’s place; my friend just moved and we (my partner and I) were going for late afternoon cocktails. The funny thing is, is that I totally was aware that I was blowing off my own goals of the day and was thinking “you know you only have two days off and you’re going to be pissed off for wasting the day away.” I have to kick myself in the ass and buckle down, I don’t like when I waffle and blow myself off because the ego thinks “oh you can do that tomorrow…” well that thought has been out there for years. It’s time to think “Do this now.” There is only now and I can’t blame anyone but myself if I blow off my daily goals, so it’s time to get real and get to work. Do you hear that ego? This is my struggle at the moment, and guess what? It’s just this moment and it will pass.


I’m sitting in the cafe and it’s now quiet and only a few of us are left sitting at tables with our laptops typing away. No time like the present, it’s time to get to work. My goal today is to work on the structure of my memoir; I’ve committed to myself, told my partner this morning and now you. Do you struggle with daily writing goals? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time…keep on typing.

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