Breaking a habit

This is all about breaking a habit….and not just about writing this time.

I’m challenging myself for the next three weeks to not eat chocolate. I know, I know, why would anyone want to stop eating the chocolate for just the hell of it? Well I have a confession. I’m a chocolate addict. I can go days without chocolate, but then there are some days that I have more than my fair share of the sweet deliciousness of a good dark chocolate bar or more than three pieces from a box of chocolates at one sitting. Once I have one I’m done, within minutes I want to devour the whole box or bar, it’s quiet disturbing at times.

Yes, some chocolate is good for you and “they” say chocolate is okay but in moderation. Well I’m not too sure that the word moderation is in my vocabulary when it comes to the ego and old behaviors that I lean on more than I should at times. Chocolate and sweets are like characters in a novel that keep lingering around that you just don’t need anymore; but they have a story to tell and I guess I have to look at what story is wanting to be told.

At the moment I’ll keep it simple, a three-week challenge starting today, September 20th until October 18th I will not eat any chocolate. If you see me ogling over chocolate at the grocery store please move me a long, snap me out of the trance that the sweet coco has over me.  I will post my progress and if anyone would like to join me please do and please let me know, we can go through the chocolate withdraw together.


It’s day one and I’m okay. I keep thinking how I will get my little chocolate fix for after dinner at work, but then I remember “no chocolate” and I huff and then I tell myself it’s going to be okay, I was able to quit chocolate for a month last year and I felt great – then I took on bite of a Purdy’s chocolate and was instantly hooked once again. I would like to be able to have one chocolate and say “that’s all I needed”, until I can do that, I’m leaving chocolate on the shelf and I’ll bring extra carrot sticks to nibble on when the chocolate cravings come out to play.

This might force me to post more often to share my thoughts and frustrations and my successes with this challenge. If you have any suggestions or experiences with a similar challenge please let me know, I’d love to hear from you.


Until next time, keep on typing…


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