A fresh new day

fresh new day

It’s a fresh new Monday and I’m back at my favorite place to do some writing and people watching. Sometimes I think I do more people watching at times, it’s all part of the writing process for me. I need to fill the artists well; after the 3 day novel contest I have tapped out my resources and have been noticing that I’m a bit more snappy and feeling frustrated over the little things that I normally don’t even think about. It’s important to maintain the artist’s well, tools, tricks of all sorts in your bag. Just a little inspiration here and there to maintain the balance of your art. For me I surround myself with books, go to the cafe and soak in the morning by writing and people watch, I start to ask questions that leads sparks my imagination and all of a sudden I am no longer grumpy or snappy, I’m excited and was to create. I love the creative process!

Yesterday I met with my friend to do some writing. We will meet on Sunday’s for two hours and first start off with catching up and then all of a sudden we just stop talking and begin to write. We don’t need to tell one another it’s time to write, we just know and  I love that! Like any great relationship sometimes no words are needed. She is working on re-writes for her next novel to be published by November. I worked on my memoir that is almost done, I know-I know I keep saying that, but now it’s really almost completed. I am moving a few things around that make more sense to me and more importantly to you.

Today, I will be working on a short story to a call that I came upon, it’s fiction and at the moment I think I need a little more fiction to fill up the writers well. If I’m too serious then I become bored and if I’m bored then it shows up on the page and that’s not the truth that I want to share. I want to be truly honest on the page, I need to write longer and deeper to really get to the nitty-gritty and being honest about being honest feels good.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great Monday. It’s my “Sunday” and like any typical Sunday morning, I’m being a bit lackadasiy and letting the day unfold naturally.

Until the next time….keep on typing

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