It’s a beautiful thing…


A friend of mine posted this on his Facebook Page a few days ago and when I read it something clicked – a light bulb turned on and I can’t turn it off – that’s a good thing.

What does this quote mean to me? Well, the past few days and weeks I’ve been like a ping-pong ball, back and forth with my Hotel Life and my Writing Life. I am grateful for my job at the Hotel, and the hospitality life has given me such great opportunities  – thank you universe. This quote really spoke to me, it actually slapped me across the face “HELLO!” I work in a place that provides me not only with a meaningful career, and a roof over my head, food in our cupboards, the hotel life provides me with so many ideas, characters, twists and turns for short stories, novel’s, plays, pretty much any situation I encounter is all stored in my memory and then jotted down for safe keeping until the story is ready to be told.

Why don’t I write more about my Hotel Life? Share the wild stories of working in resort towns, in the cities, in remote rain forest communities, opening a hotel, taking a step back, going back and realizing that the Hotel Life has always been there for me, like an old friend with open arms.  I am so grateful for this light bulb that has been turned on for some time and I’ve just been reminded once again so I need to pay attention. If you ask for something be ready to receive the answer and follow through, love the universe for such opportunities!

Until next time…keep on typing




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