Squinting into the Ocean…

don't give up

Currently, I am reading and working through Julia Cameron’s, The Right to Write. Like the Artist’s Way, it’s a kick in the ass to write, to keep writing, for goodness sake don’t give up!

A little reminder of what writing is for me, and maybe for you.

Writing is a friend whose shoulder we can cry on. Writing is a confidant who listens and lets us sort things out. Writing is a comrade, marching with us through the steeps days of sorrow and despair. Writing is our weather and also how we change our weather. Writing is our landscape and how we view the landscape that we have.

When I write I put on the page the things I am not able to say for myself. Writing is my voice that I can’t seem to share verbally, but on the page, I let go and if I am holding back on the page I am holding back on myself. I force myself to see the dark and light on the page. Sometimes that happens and sometimes a great story comes out of putting it all down. I’ve written many light heart love stories but I have also written many versions of myself in a character or two who are just the total opposite and that is okay, it’s all part of the process, it’s using our imaginations, it’s sharing the talent that has been given.

 I write to tell myself the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I write, not to make art, but to make sense. – Julia Cameron, The Right to Write.

Everywhere I go, every encounter I have with someone, I gain another trait of a new character that I store in my writing well. That place where ideas are scribbled down for later. A song on the radio that strikes a memory or belongs to a story idea, a line in a movie that gets your imagination going – everything around us is a great inspiration, all of it, the good, bad and ugly.


I am working on my memoir manuscript and I have promised myself that I am not to stay on the surface any longer. I have to write long enough and deep enough to get to the truth. Sometimes I get frustrated and don’t want to continue to write, I almost get afraid that I am getting to close to the edge, the truth, then if I actually get to the edge will I take a leap of faith and jump? I stop writing and go putter around and I can instantly see myself being disconnected from my writing. I watch myself take giant steps away from the truth and once again I’m at the surface squinting into the ocean of my emotions wondering what’s below. A vicious cycle I put myself through at times. It’s the truth and I’m okay with sharing this, this is why I created this site, to share.

plan a

How am I going to follow through on my promise to myself? Good question – seriously I just have to commit to my goals and promises to myself. I love myself so much to follow through, I am so grateful for such a talent to follow through, to share the talent that has been given to me is part of the process. I can not be selfish to keep it for myself, sure I could but would I be happy? Properly not, so here I am sharing and letting go as much as I can at this moment.

Thank you for spending some time with me today and I would enjoy hearing from you to share your writing process – what do you love about the writing process? What is scary about it? What’s your good, bad and ugly story?

Until next time…keep on typing



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