good morning

It’s the fourth day of August and summer is in full swing.  I’ve been up since 7am, I’ve written my morning pages, then puttered around to get ready. Now I’m at my favorite coffee place with a large cup of green Yerba Mate ready to settle into the writing process. First, I did some social media, scrolled through the endless posts on Facebook that can steal so much time in a blink of an eye. I give myself a time limit and then say “okay, that’s enough, time to get to the writing!” and here I am.


It’s BC Day and today feels like a Sunday. I biked to the coffee shop and the streets were so quiet, I love that sense of tranquility – just being in the moment. Bliss.

Yesterday my friend and I went to the beach for a few hours and I got a little more sun than I thought I did.  My friend and I both said that we felt like we were somewhere else other than the city. The beach is only twenty out of the city and it felt like we were on some tropical beach – what a great feeling! So grateful to have access to such beauty.


I’m a beach bum for sure – I could hang out at the beach all day long and yet I am aware of making sure I take care of the body and also I have to write. I have a goal and the only way to complete the goal is to actually follow through. So here I am, on the page – once I publish this I will move onto my manuscript.  My creative process is flexible, but focused at the same time – that’s my creative process.

I’m sitting at my favorite table and the coffee shop is also quiet, just a few people having coffee or tea and the laughter of the ladies that work here fill the air as they greet everyone who walks in. If you’re working today you may as well have fun and getting paid time and half on a holiday is a bonus. What are you doing on this holiday Monday? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time, keep on typing….

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