Getting there…


A week has gone by since my last post – I get into this “work” routine when I’m at the hotel and that’s no excuse. I struggle to get to the page to work on my manuscript but once I’m there I’m fully submerged into the process. I just need to get there.

Last week I was feeling pretty low about the hard truth’s my writing mentor presented, the ego did not like to hear that there was work to do; but my mentor and I had a great conversation last Monday afternoon and I’ve got some work to do and that’s okay. I’m committed to the process, fully.



Okay I say that I know myself, I know that it takes me a few minutes or several puttering around moments to get to the page but like I said, once I’m there…I’m there. Yesterday morning I finished some edits on a short story I was working on and submitted it to a publication that was seeking submissions. Then about twenty minutes before my partner and I were scheduled to leave for a baseball game, I sat with my manuscript and it was like diving into a deep pool of water – I was fully focused on the manuscript and what I had to do. It’s like what happens to me during meditation and maybe you too, it’s that moment that’s called the “gap” where you feel there is nothing, just space and silence – that’s what happens to me when I’m writing, when I’m fully emerged into the process. It’s a great feeling.

I’m sitting in Serious Coffee and I’m plugged into the “Hit’s of the 80’s” on Songza and here on the page. It’s part of my routine, the little dance I do before I start working on my manuscript – some days I’m on the sofa in the condo (when I’m home alone) or in my writing room. This week I’m committing to myself and you that I will steal time when I can to write. Another great suggestion from many other writers but I just read about this very subject from Julia Cameron’s, Right to Write. Thank you Julia! I’ll be in Serious Coffee until I’m done, it could be an hour or three hours – it doesn’t matter how long, the important thing is that I’m here on the page and that is my goal.

What is your routine before getting ready to write? I’d love to hear from you.

Until next time…keep on typing away.




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