Random thoughts of a writer



This is where I come to be me. If it be a bright or darker version of me. I come to the page  to let it all down, to bleed on the page so to speak. I’d rather have it down on the page than running around in my head – there are so many characters and stories that I have and sometimes they merge and I can’t figure out who’s who. That’s a writers mind, full of color and inspiration and it calls out to be written down, to tell the story, more so to share a story, to learn, to be. So I write it down and see what happens.

I was running the other morning and the idea of a writing project that I’ve been working on came to mind. Actually it was a character speaking and a single line that was said that made me sit down to write. I love when this happens. My mind was clear and I was ready to receive the idea. It’s an idea that I’ve been working on for a few years, yet something was holding me back; it was me. I had fear of people reading confessions of what goes on in my mind and judging me, but I have gotten over that. Sure there are little moments where I feel or think “what will they think” and I have to remind myself that I’m writing to tell a story and sometimes people don’t like stories they read or the movie they went to. That’s life and you have to go with the flow.


What are you working on these days? I’d love to hear from you. You can always stop by and say hi and share a coffee and some of your stories with me. Or if you just want to sit down and write that’s cool with me. It’s nice to be surrounded and supported by other writers. Strength in numbers, right?

Until next time my friends….keep on typing.




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