Today is the day my friends. Tonight a scene from the play I’ve been working on this past ten weeks is going to be read by actors in front of an audience. I’m not the only one tonight, four other playwrights will share this experience with me, and they all have experience with stage plays, performances, sharing their work. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve shared my work when it has been accepted for on line or paper publication. I’ve shared countless times to submissions, putting my work out there on the line where everyone can read it. This seems different, having your scene read by actors in front of an audience, it’s all so real now and there is no turning back. There never has been a time to turn back; once you taste the true self, the happiness of being with your passion, how could you turn back to the old behaviors? I want to move forward and have fun!

Since last Tuesday I haven’t done much writing, I took a mini break for a few days which is normal and sometimes needed to decompress, but you want to know something? I missed writing and almost felt depressed for not being connected to the creative flow. Then on Saturday afternoon while I was laying in the sun, I had a whisper of an idea. It’s not a new idea, it’s a constant idea of sharing my hotel life and the underlying theme of my life, the theme of my play, really the theme of my life. I’m not afraid to share anymore because when you’re on a spiritual journey you have to face the things that are right in front of your face, because the things you resist, persist. So, I say this now and when someone asks me about my writing I might clam up from embarrassment but then I’ll start talking about my experiences and next thing you know I’m writing everything down so I wouldn’t forget how it felt to simply share.

Back to the scene. I will share with you tomorrow after the actors have read the two characters I’ve learned to love over the past ten weeks. The characters that have pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and move forward. I’m looking forward to hearing how the actors will read the scene, how people will react, how I will react, but that’s not until tonight. Now, I’m sitting in the coffee shop where I’m happy to be writing the morning away.

Thank you for sharing the journey with me, until next time…keep on typing~




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