One at a time


It’s the last week of the playwright workshop. I’ve been pushed to the edge of my creativity to find there is another door of my imagination.It’s been a very interesting time and I’m so grateful for this experience. The instructor or the workshop and the other playwrights have pulled out of me what I’ve known has been there all along – my voice. I’ve been working on finding my voice and both my editor/mentor who has been assisting me with my memoir and this playwright workshop are helping me. I see the transformation of my creativity, what a ride! I mean, I’ll come home from the workshop and not be able to sleep, my characters want to talk, to be heard; then other ideas I’ve had have come up, a reminder that I need to share other stories.

I was writing yesterday with my friend who is a romance writer and she asked me if I still had a romance story inside me and as I said yes, she laughed and said “you’ve got a few things in you.” and I agreed with her. I have so many stories inside me and they are bursting at the seams to be written, to be shared, and one at a time they will be written and shared. The lingering fear in the back of my mind of what people might think of my stories or what my family might think when they read my memoir of our family was holding me back at times, and now through this great experience of the playwright workshop and more meditation that fear is dissolving and only my authentic self is here and she’s ready to get to work. Saying that I’m here at my favorite place to do some writing and that’s what I’m intending to do this morning. Write.

Until next time my friends….keep on typing away.



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